What is 8Q


AQ: Adversity Quotient

“I am not afraid of failure and setbacks, I will find a solution.”

EQ: Emotional Quotient

“I have a positive attitude, therefore I see light in all situations of life, study or work”

HQ: Health Quotient  

“A stronger body keeps me going. ”

LQ: Love Quotient

“Love is my driving force, to love and be loved”

WQ: Will Quotient

“I will not give up easily, there is a will, there is a way”

FQ: Financial Quotient

“Understand the importance of managing money, the better future I may build for myself “

IQ: Intelligence Quotient

I thrive in taking opportunities to explore, think and enjoy things I like to do”

CQ: Creativity Quotient

“Creativity comes from carefree imagination”