Inspiring Learning

ILK provides a platform for parents to seek inspiration, stimulation, and solutions with our 8 Quotient (8Q) courses –Intelligence, Emotion, Health, Love, Will, Finance, Averse and Creative. Parents may also search the platform based on subjects, videos, articles, and tutors etc…

Digital Learning

Digital learning is one of the latest trends in our fast-changing world. It provides a platform for self-motivated learning and creates a sharing environment for parents. ILK provides an array of the most updated, creative, fun, and inspiring parenting courses. We put in the time and effort to create the best possible online course for parents as we take early childhood parenting seriously as it affects the child’s mental and physical future and welfare and we want your child to be the best version of himself.
Parents are able to access our courses and videos, anywhere and anytime. You are also able to rate, share with other parents, add to your playlist, and/or give comments.

Learn from Experts

One way to learn about parenting skills is through constructive advice and experience. Hence, ILK provides a platform for parents to get professional advice. ILK also allows you to gain more knowledge and learn via sharing and our community support.
We also work with many educational related professionals and educators to maintain our quality information, courses, and videos. ILK partners with professionals and educators that share their tutoring videos, skills, and tips regularly to keep parents interested and up to date. Our loving partners also look forward to feedback from parents who have any comments. We are always looking for improvements.

Importance of Early Parenting

ILK strives to provide the latest parenting information by highlighting and introducing the importance of early childhood parenting by setting the relationship between children and parents. ILK continuously updates the best parental methods allowing you to develop the best method that is most suitable for you.

Social Learning

Parents benefit most when they share and discuss ideas with other fellow parents, to understand their different experiences and perspectives, allowing them to learn and assist each other. Parents may also learn from reading comments and feedback on a particular course or topic. We also provide discussion boards.

Visual Learning

Our courses have a profile page that allows parents to track their own activities, including an overview, their learning progress, activities, records, and anything the parents have completed or participated in. This allows the parent to anticipate what is coming next and keep track of the progress they have made. The easy to use profile page allows you to know how much progress you have made and makes it easier for you to follow.


Through our course, parents may pick up the best practices,  skills, and methods, and share their experiences between different cultures.

Awarded Learning

To encourage parents to explore different parenting methods through our courses. We hope to benefit you and your family as a whole – ILK has developed ‘iKash’ and collaborates with different well-known organizations for award programs, to provide a fun, stress-free, and awarded learning environment for parents.