LifeClinic is the largest integrative anti-aging and cancer clinic in Hong Kong, meaning we combine both conventional and science-based complementary medicine to ensure you live better for longer.

LifeClinic focuses on the whole person by treating the various stages of disease progression including:

  • Aging : hormonal imbalances, memory loss, weight gain
  • Sub Optimal Health: chronic fatigue, digestive issues, stress, sleep problems and sexual dysfunction
  • Chronic Disease such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer

Anti-Aging & Aesthetics

At LifeClinic we provide assessment, treatment and services for both internal and external anti-aging in Hong Kong.

Our services include hormone balancing, nutritional support, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to help our clients live healthy, energetic, confident lives, no matter what age they are.

Integrative Medicine

We specialise in combining Conventional Medicine with Complementary Medicine including Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and Naturopathy.

When combined together, help to detect the underlying imbalances and deficiencies that may be causing aging, sub-optimal health conditions and disease.

Integrative Cancer Care Clinic

LifeClinic Cancer was formed out of a need to improve the patient’s experience in their fight against cancer and increase their odds of beating it.

We incorporate all of our holistic cancer treatments and services under one roof ensuring continuity and constancy of care, with the focus on guiding and supporting the patient through their journey.

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