InspireLab Limited is an Education Technology company who works closely with the education sector. In here, we hope to inspire the young generation to innovate with technology. We developed various kinds of STEM learning kit and courses to connect teenagers with knowledge and skill set of Artificial Intelligence (AI), computational programming, design thinking and problem-solving. Their learning experience in key learning areas is enhanced through sharing their findings with these learning kits.

The core value of InspireLab Limited is to inspire teenagers’ all-round development. Teenagers were encouraged to use a design thinking approach “FIDS” to master the application of technologies and further extend the usability to solve real-life problems. Our tutor team is experienced in guiding them to understand the key idea of STEM learning and the fun in between.

At InspireLab Limited, we provide courses such as Coding, AI, and Science exploration to teenagers from  6 to 15 years old.