Fly skateboard

Skateboarding is an extreme sport, and it should be a popular sport. Our skateboarding classes aim to enable anyone to learn to skateboard safely and enjoyably from scratch, learn to try, challenge themselves, and succeed despite failure. Skateboarding should not be limited by age; adults and children can start from scratch.

The perseverance of our students and our instructors' professionalism can make skateboarding possibilities infinite. We are committed to nurturing the self-reliance of our athletes and promoting skateboarding as a popular sport for the masses.

Instructor: J Lin Sir

Over two years of skateboarding experience, mainly with toddlers and children, with the youngest being 4 years old


2018 Lishui National Skateboarding Championships (2nd place)

2019 Changsha City Skateboarding Championships (2nd place)

2019 National Junior Skateboard Championships (Guangzhou) (3rd place)