The Blue Gallery

The Blue Gallery: tailor for Hong Kong local students by art education experts from Xiaoyan School of Art.

We do not think creativity is gained by training, instead, it is the greatest gift from god, but it has been neutralized in modelizational society nowadays.  Discovering children’s talent and guiding them to a vavid world requires foresight and open perspective, that is what Xiaoyan School of Art has been doing over the 37 years, helping children to find their superiority and finally to apply it in real life.  It is also  a revolutionary turn in educational cognition.

The education pattern in The Blue Gallery is different from the normal education pattern.  We are facing children with incredible aptitude and intelligence.  Teaching them drawing skills will only limit their horizons.  We are trying to teach children the ability to self deconstruct and reorganize objectives in their mind.  We believe students with such ability can easily adapt and quickly respond to their changeable life.

Over the 37 years, Xiaoyan School of Art has built up its reputation in the domestic market and began to expand its education service to the overseas market.   Representatives from top schools around the world come to visit the campus as they realize the foresight and uniqueness of The Blue Gallery ’s education.