Barry Cox

I am a TEFL graduate from England and have 13 years of IELTS teaching experience in Hong Kong and China. I am very familiar with the IELTS structure and therefore am an IELTS mock examiner and I hold many mock exams and classes each month around Hong Kong and Mainland China. With my IELTS knowledge, I train students vigorously to help them get a good grade in their IELTS exam. Apart from the IELTS, I also teach conversational English to various levels of students from Primary 1-6 students, university students and business English to the workplace.

My specialities are conversational courses, primary and secondary students, IELTS speaking exam preparation, conversational Business English and Beginners English.

I aim to provide students with a good level of introduction to language teaching and cross-cultural awareness through workshop sessions, also personal interaction with students who have a first language other than English. 

I look forward to working with my new team improving peoples English day by day.


New Generation Language Training. 

English Language trainer  / Ielts teacher and mock examiner.

I teach spoken English to various age groups and levels all around Hong Kong and Mainland china at various colleges, centres, online and at homes. I teach through different methods and styles according to the levels of my students. I particularly find that using my drama theatre skills, my students are quickly familiarized with how to properly introduce one self, how to deal with topic situations and confidence building. 

Language Centres all over Hong Kong.
My duties were teaching English to ages between 4-13 years old students. I also helped design courses which had a mixture of phonics, dialogue, drama, grammar.

The Language Key
Job Title:  Language Trainer.
Duties: My main duties are helping to design tailor made courses for Business English training within companies. Apart from that I teach at different businesses around Hong Kong. I am usually given the beginners courses because of my skill of being able to teach both in English and Chinese at the same time. After the courses have finished I need to follow up by writing reports and writing a course report for each individual. I also do a lot of freelance work in schools designing everyday language courses for teenagers and primary students.

Liverpool Chinatown Business Association  (UK                        
Job Title:   Language Consultant
Here my duties were helping the Chinese immigrants improve their language skills. I was conversing in both Cantonese and English. Also I would keep regular assessments on their progress as they were training for schools in UK.