Ms Jenny KAN

Senior Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Kan has 32 years of experience in early childhood education.

Since 1987, Ms. Kan served as the kindergarten and kindergarten class director for 15 years. Thereafter she then began private Mandarin parent-child classes, music parent-child classes, and children’s enlightenment classes for children ageing from 5 months to 8 years old. She has been deeply loved by her students and respective parents.

Professional Field

Familiar with traditional and international school education systems.

Years of experience, guidance and accompanying her own children growing up have made Ms. Kan very familiar with the concepts, operational models and requirements of traditional and international schools in Hong Kong.

Nurturing Gifted Children

As a child of her own was assessed to be a gifted child at an early age, Ms. Kan has carefully studied multiple methods of cultivating gifted students and accumulated much valuable experience in nurture gifted students over the years.