HealthyMind Parents Academy

Story and Academy Mission

HealthyMind Parents Academy, a training service provider of the Education Bureau and the Social Welfare Department. The Academy was founded in 2013 as the founders, Mr Rex Wu and Mr Ringle Leung saw the distressing social problems of the time, such as the Increasing Rate of Divorce, Students Suicide, Depression and the Interpersonal Relationship Problems. The founders believe that most of the said problems can be treated by prevention, instead of any healing methods. It can begin by supporting parents, who are the “Pillar” of the families, the high efficiency it is, by Parenting Education. To put into practice through popularizing psychology and counselling, HealthyMind Parents Academy offers the series of practical and effective programs base on 4 core principles: KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDE, SKILL & HABIT, enabling Parents to not only master the knowledge of academic achievement but also the children’s psychological development and strengthen the relationships with children, as well as promoting the positive development of families and communities.

Mr Rex WU
Co-founder & Principal @HealthyMind Parents Academy

Mr Ringle LEUNG
Co-founder & CEO @HealthyMind Parents Academy