First Code Academy

First Code Academy (FCA) is a leading education institute that teaches kids coding and develops curriculum for coding skills, computational thinking and entrepreneurship mindset. The goal is to inspire children and teenagers to become creative leaders in the digital era, for their future career and for driving social change.

We empower the next generation to become creators with technology.

Extensive, structured coding curriculum for all ages

We offer a customized coding journey for students aged from 5 to 18 with professional instructors for 1:1 Online Class.

We are confident in our immersive learning environment. Each lesson, a student completes a project and the instructor provides challenges for students to tackle afterwards.

Professionally Trained Tutors

  • Our instructors are spread globally
  • Students from top universities majoring in Computer Science
  • Abundant experience in international competitions and Hackathons around the world

About the Book
Computer programming may well be tomorrow’s “news literacy.” Coding offers children a creative avenue to express themselves through technology and opens the door to unlimited opportunities in the digital era.

First Time Coders, written by an MIT Master Trainer for coding education and award-winning founder of a STEM and coding education institute, is the essential handbook for parents whose kids are starting their coding journey, or are already coding and eager to learn more. You will find:

Start your child’s coding adventure with First Time Coders!