Big Bang Academy

Our Mission

Big Bang Academy redefines Science in early childhood education. Our mission is to promote and inspire self-driven learning through everything hands-on. We believe doing Science is the best medium to ignite children’s passion in learning, to enable them to become motivated and life-long learners.

With us, children get to build something real with their own hands where genuine interest is sparked.

When children become passionate and motivated learners, they will be ready to face any challenges ahead with confidence.

Our Story

Founders of Big Bang Academy are graduates from the University of Cambridge with degrees in Engineering and Natural Sciences respectively.

It was positive and joyful memories in their childhoods that inspire them to read more about science and develop an interest in it. Through Big Bang Academy, they want to recreate these “lightbulb moments” to children who often face immense pressure academically and overlook the joy in learning.

Having pursued in the STEM academic journey and realizing the unparalleled benefits from developing an informed curiosity and passion for learning, it is our mission to make science fun, accessible and relatable for every child in Asia.

Why Big Bang Academy?

Top-Notch Curriculum

Our curriculum is inspired by the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS). It is original, student-centric and age-appropriate.

6 Pillars of Science

We provide the most comprehensive early childhood science curriculum covering the six main pillars of science.

Make Science Fun Again

We adopt a multifaceted approach to introduce science via story-telling, play-based and hands-on activities that transcend the theory.

Confidence Builder

Every lesson with us is centred with at least one key experiment or mini-project that children can bring home after the lesson. This will enhance a student’s sense of achievement and confidence.

Top Teaching Quality

Our founders and instructors are all equipped with exceptionally strong STEM academic qualifications which set good role models for children.

Dressing like a Scientist

We provide lab coats, safety goggles and complete sets of experimental equipment to allow students to dress, feel and perform no difference to a real professional scientist.