Dr Ken CHU

Philosophy: “As a father of twins, I am passionate about building good relationships with children through food to increase diversity, provide balance, and educate them about temperance. I believe they can integrate these habits into their lives as they grow older.”

“As a father of twins, I’m passionate about introducing good relationships with food that increases variety, provides balance, and educates them about moderation. I believe they can incorporate these habits into their lives as they grow older”

Dr. Ken is a naturopathic doctor at the University of Alberta in Canada and a council member of the Hong Kong Federation of Natural Therapy Associations. Dr. Ken has more than 10 years of natural medicine experience and more than 20 years of knowledge of health products in Canada and Hong Kong and has experience in managing high-level athletes, including some of Canada’s best Olympic athletes and amateur MMA athletes. Ken adopts a holistic approach, combining clinical nutrition, homoeopathy and herbal medicine to solve the root cause of patient concern.