The Benefits of Playing Soccer from a Young Age
By ILK Post
October 30, 2023

Football is a globally popular sport, especially for children's development, learning football has many benefits.

Firstly, playing soccer can exercise the body, improve physical fitness, enhance coordination, and flexibility. Secondly, playing football can cultivate a sense of teamwork. Young football players need to cooperate with teammates during training or matches, learn to support and collaborate with each other, complement each other on the field, demonstrate team spirit, and achieve the game's goals. Moreover, playing football also helps develop positive character traits such as perseverance, self-discipline, a healthy competitive mindset, and team spirit.

What is the best age to start learning to play soccer? The best age for football initiation is between 3 and 7 years old. If children start engaging in football activities from ages 3 to 6, it can establish a solid foundation for their coordination, speed, and flexibility. In Germany, it is generally believed that children can begin learning football around ages 3 to 5. It is worth mentioning that Lionel Messi, the player who has won the most FIFA Ballon d'Or awards in history, started playing football at the age of 4 when he joined a local football club.

What are the benefits of playing soccer for children's growth? And what aspects do the various soccer courses on the market focus on when training their students? Let's explore the advantages of learning soccer and find the most suitable soccer class for children to cultivate their interest and skills in soccer below.

Teamwork is the primary task in playing soccer

Soccer is a team sport where players must maintain close communication and coordination with their teammates in order to effectively pass the ball and collaborate with each other. Through learning soccer, children can learn to cooperate with others, learn to listen and express their ideas and learn to play different roles within a team. Mastering these skills early on is beneficial for children's future social interaction and collaboration abilities.

Football players who undergo systematic training through football club systems usually have higher technical skills and tactical understanding. This football school is supported by a renowned British football club and follows the club's concept to provide professional training for young players in Hong Kong. Up to now, this football school has established 60 branches in Hong Kong and has 6 elite teams of different age groups, training over 5000 students annually.

They also offer different levels of courses, including regular classes, advanced classes, and elite teams, to maximize the potential of each player. Additionally, this soccer school has established 6 campuses in Hong Kong to better serve a wide range of students.

Regular classes at the football school

  • Age: 3-11
  • Location: Quarry Bay / Happy Valley / Lok Fu / Kowloon Bay / Ma On Shan / Siu Sai Wan

Playing soccer is not about physique, but tactics

Currently, Japanese football is considered to have the highest level in Asia. Japan and Hong Kong share similarities in terms of geographical location and player physique. In terms of physique, emulating Japanese football can indeed have certain benefits for Hong Kong players. Although Japanese players may have relatively weaker physical conditions compared to European and American countries, it does not mean that their achievements are limited to this aspect.

The following soccer courses have learned from the recent success and development advantages of Japanese soccer and made corresponding adjustments and integration for Hong Kong players. 

The courses draw on Japan's training methods, tactical concepts, team management models, as well as the cultivation of young players' technical and tactical abilities. Japan's soccer fundamentals, such as ball control, passing, and shooting techniques, are top-notch. They excel in attacking, defending, and changing directions with speed, agility, and flexibility, thus leading the game's rhythm. Their high level of discipline contributes to training physical fitness, body quality, and endurance. 

By drawing on the successful experiences of Japanese soccer, anyone, regardless of height, weight, or body shape, the school hopes every child can learn and enjoy soccer as long as they have interest and passion as well as cultivate more powerful players in Hong Kong.

Children and youth Japanese football training course

  • Age: 3-11
  • Location: Causeway Bay/ Prince Edward

Playing soccer helps improve children's physical fitness

Learning soccer has specific physical requirements. Players need to have high-speed running ability, body control, agility, as well as good endurance and flexibility. During the process of learning soccer, coaches can effectively leverage the advantages of children's physical qualities and improve their weaknesses through continuous training, thereby enhancing their overall physical fitness. Such training will lay a solid foundation for children to perform better in soccer matches and other sports activities.    

The following football clubs have been designated by the Hong Kong Football Association as district associations, consistently encouraging and nurturing the interest of Hong Kong youth in football. Their programs are dedicated to promoting the development of local football culture, cultivating more young talents for Hong Kong football, and bringing honor to HK. The training programs listed below aim to provide children and teenagers with an excellent platform to showcase their talents in the field of soccer and fulfill their dreams.

Seed Football Seed Training Program

  • Age: 3-10
  • Location: Yuen Long/ Tin Shui Wai

Indoor football allows children to enjoy a pure learning experience of playing football

Outdoor football indeed allows children to enjoy natural sunlight, absorb vitamin D, and have a positive impact on bone structure. Grass fields provide shock absorption, comfort, and traction. However, the unpredictable weather in Hong Kong can sometimes make parents worry about their children's health and learning progress. They may also have concerns about whether their children can safely enjoy the fun of playing football.

The following courses specifically move the football training venue from grass fields to indoor facilities, allowing players' training to be unaffected by the weather. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, children can enjoy playing football indoors.

The walls of this indoor football venue are equipped with safety padding, providing a safer environment for children. Children can better showcase their abilities and learn more football skills.

Indoor children's football training class (10 lessons)

  • Age: 3-7
  • Location: Diamond Hill

Football training can broaden children's international perspectives

Football has no borders, and fans from any region and country can connect through football. Through learning football, children are more likely to communicate with fans and players from different cultural backgrounds, understanding different football cultures and styles. In addition, participating in football matches provides a platform for children to communicate and collaborate with more players, allowing them to train and compete with teammates from diverse backgrounds.

Watching international football matches can allow children to understand different regional game rules, players, and tactical strategies, thereby broadening their horizons and increasing their understanding of the world.

The following football school has incorporated the world's most powerful "Spanish-style" as its core training, aiming to provide comprehensive football education for players. The coaching team consists of coaches holding UEFA Pro licenses, current Spanish professional players, and top local coaches, who will provide high-level guidance and training for students. Through the introduction of this training method and the expertise of the professional team, students will be able to broaden their horizons, understand and learn the skills, tactics, and philosophy of Spanish-style football. It provides valuable opportunities for their football development and helps them achieve greater success in the field of football.

There will also be current La Liga players as guest coaches, allowing children to witness the skills of world-class players and learn from them. It is a dream training ground for young La Liga fans.

LaLiga Football Schools Hong Kong Training Lesson

  • Age: 3-16
  • Location: Kai Tak / Sham Shui Po / Tseung Kwan O


There are many benefits to learning football. It can improve physical fitness, add fun to childhood, cultivate teamwork, and develop good character. We hope that all parents can use this article to choose the most suitable football class for your little football players, nurturing their interest and skills in football.

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