November 6, 2022
How Can I Help My SEN Kid?

Caring for a kid with special needs has many blessings but can also get extremely challenging.  Following our previous, comprehensive guide of helpful resources for an SEN kid’s parents, this blog is going to navigate you through the journey of taking the best care of your SEN kid with other useful tips and information that […]


ILK Post
October 28, 2022
The Nordic Education Model – Students’ Satisfaction Comes First

What Is the Nordic Education Model? Sometimes referred as the “School for All” with “No Child Left Behind”, the Nordic education model is one of the most renowned and praised education approach in the world, characterised by its emphasis on rights for every child to have quality education in a common school regardless of social […]


ILK Post
May 26, 2021
Through Learning Arts to Develop Kid’s CQ & EQ

Art is an essential part of children’s education. Drawing, crafts, or even dramas — these are all creation and expression in terms of art. Learning arts is important to our kids in various aspects, for saying creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills. We all know art is some of the building blocks of both the […]

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