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Know U Program – For Parents Returning to Workplace
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Do you have the following questions when you want to return to a workplace?

What should I do to prepare for the interview of my dream job?
What kind of mental and skill coaching do I need for success?
How can I do what I love, and love what I do?
How can I find a suitable job or even the ideal boss for myself?
How can I bridge my knowledge and skill gaps after staying home for years?
This course solves the doubts above for you and helps you easily return to a workplace!

Course Objective
Know Yourself Better
Network for More
Open the Options
Wow the Interviewers
Uncover the Gaps
Through this program, you (as stay-home parents) will effectively understand yourselves, acquire the relevant knowledge and skills, and then fully practice to obtain the best results in return to this competitive job market.

Course Summary

Lesson One – Know Yourself & The New World

(a). *DiSC is one of the globally recognized talent tools for identifying our preferred communication styles at work, at home, or in social life.

*DiSC offers a holistic insight into how you prefer to behave (with your mask on and underneath); identifying your strengths and blind spots, as well as preparing yourself for what you like or dislike in the new world today.

*DiSC helps to know yourself better, including:

What motivates or drains you at work?
What are your strengths and limitations?
What management style fits you the best?
How do you behave under pressure / stress?
Why don’t you work well with certain kinds of bosses / colleagues?
(b). You will also grasp the latest trends at work, understand the top 10 buzzwords:

Artificial Intelligence / Analytics (Big Data) / Emotional Resilience / Flexible / Hybrid (Work From Home) / New Normal / Pain Points / Sustainable / Virtual (Remote) / Wellness (Wellbeing)

(c). Look at your dream job – navigate the job descriptions and requirements to prepare for the next move (Lesson two).

Lesson Two – Moving from Good to Great.

(a). You will complete your Resume and Cover Letter for the desired industries, companies, and position(s).

(b). You will work out a professional and concise profile for social media such as LinkedIn.

(c). You will learn to impress the HR/Hiring Manager/Business Owner in 7 seconds – on paper, through email, or over the phone.

Lesson Three – Practices Make Perfect.

(a). You will learn the best practices for different interview formats such as 1-to-1, group, panel, and zoom.

(b). You will learn the hot buttons and sweet spots of different levels or personalities of interviewers for the desired outcome.

(c). You will practice how to handle the likes and dislikes of different kinds of supervisors / bosses / owners of your ideal job.

** Upon successful completion of the Program, you will stay connected with ILK tutor, staff, and students via WhatsApp group for continued supports and experience sharing.

Stephen first graduated from HKU with an English-major bachelor’s degree (plus fluent Chinese level); followed by an Executive Master’s degree in Leadership, Strategy & Innovation. Stephen also received a Doctor of Business Administration on “the impact of emotional resilience on the transformational leadership for Human Resources professionals under the New Normal” in 2021. Stephen is a certified Strategic HR Business Partner with qualifications in global talent tools including 360 Facilitated®, DiSC, EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence), HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument), MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), and TTI (Team Trust Indicator). He is an accredited people coach to identify your potentials, opportunities, and blind spots for transforming to the next level of performance and success. Stephen adopts a hands-on and practical approach partnering with business units in fast-moving business centers, financials, management consultancy, and retail conglomerates. He enjoys driving hi-impact people strategies and solutions via stakeholder management, meticulous communication, and project roadmap. Over the past decade, Stephen has successfully facilitated 100+ management workshops for over 1,500 participants; and achieved 1,000+ hours of coaching dialogue for business leaders, managers, high-potential talents across Asia. One remark mentioned: “Stephen is a caring, engaging, and optimistic facilitator with a good sense of humor and understanding to guide our learning.” His achievements in the “APAC Director Program” earned him the “Global CEO Award.” As a performance and people leader with 25+ years of experience in commercial management and talent development, Stephen has been instrumental in driving various cultural, digital, human resources, and leadership transformational projects in Asia. Given his commercial acumen, power of analytics and execution, Stephen is your change agent and people coach under the New Normal.
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