Save on Course Fee with iKash!
By ILK Post
August 23, 2022

Among all the cool, new features we bring to you with our new website launch, iKash is the most important highlight

What is iKash?

Simply put, you can use iKash as if it is cash, to pay for products or service listings on the ILK platform that you like. The exclusive product credit of ILK Learning, iKash is applicable as a payment method for all transactions you made with ILK - from signing up for courses, booking a service and reserving a spot in paid events, to paying for children’s games, toys and books - iKash can be used on basically everything that ILK offers.

You can easily earn iKash all year round with every purchase you made with ILK. The sum of your spending would be accumulated and eventually return to you in cash-equivalent iKash. 

How to buy iKash?

Top up iKash

In fact, all ILK members are eligible for iKash redemption. 

To use iKash, simply log into your account before making any purchase with us. In the “Checkout” section, select iKash as your payment method to proceed to the normal, payment procedures. 

No need to worry about your iKash balance in the account cannot cover the total cost of your desired purchase. You can choose to top up your account for a sizeable spending, or we also accept partial payment with iKash. You can use iKash to pay for part of the total amount due while at the same time, pick another payment option that we offer to cover the rest. 

What if you can’t finish using iKash at one time?

While iKash is a non-redundable credit, you don’t have to worry about not being about to use them up at all! Despite our extensive range of education courses that promise to cater to your educational needs, you can also keep unused iKash in the account for a very long time. Currently, we don’t have an explicit expiry date for iKash. 

iKash Transfer

You can also share the joy of using iKash with your friend by peer transfer. If both your friend and you are registered as ILK members, you can transfer your remaining iKash to them as a gift.

Who should use iKash and Why?

Designed for all of ILK Learning’s users, iKash is suitable for all moneysmart parents looking to spend wise and save money on quality education. 

In order to get the most out of a convenient rebate program like iKash, here are few suggestions.

If you have your eyes on a few courses for a certain period, for example, summer holiday. Instead of enrolling for them one by one, you can sign up and pay the tuition fee all at once. A little preparation and planning before you sign up can go a long way toward helping you save. With iKash’s rebate nature, the more you spent with us in one order, the more you earn.

For those who participate in routine courses, consider also to purchase the course for a longer period. Again, bigger the spending might offer additional discounts or amount of rebate. In exchange of being a loyal student in the course by signing up in advance, you also save time and minimize the risk of forgetting to renew the course upon deadline.

iKash Balance

The spending record in iKash is also another convenient step to jumpstart saving on education cost. By paying for courses and services with iKash, you can easily keep track on your spending at any time and from anywhere via our website. 


A sincere innovation thoroughly designed by the ILK team, iKash is a product credit program that is dedicated to reward our precious member community. Not only can you save on education cost with iKash conveniently, you are empowered to monitor and watch your course spending anytime your want. Become ILK’s member and explore the power of iKash today! 

Begin to Search Smart, Learn Smart with ILK Learning!

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