Olympiad Maths for Parents


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“How to use Olympiad Maths inspired parenting style to train highly intelligent children”

Course Outline

1.0 Statistical methods to record children’s behavior

  • 1.1 A variety of statistical methods to observe and analyze children’s performance
  • 1.2 The importance of statistical methods
  • 1.3 Bar chart allows children to see their performance
  • 1.4 Use Stem and leaf diagram to analyze the position of the child
  • 1.5 Interquartile range shows children the distance between the target and the present position.

2.0 The weighting method teaches children

  • 2.1 How to use the weighting method to teach children to make correct decisions
  • 2.2 Daily examples of weighting methods
  • 2.3 The impact of using the weighting method on children

3.0 Different ways to teach children logical thinking

  • 3.1 Classification method
  • 3.2 Analogy method
  • 3.3 Frequency method
  • 3.4 The importance of thinking with different Olympiad Maths concepts and definitions

4.0 Teach children to have a good time concept since childhood

  • 4.1 Understand the basic concepts of Functions (f)
  • 4.2 How to apply functions (f) in daily life
  • 4.3 Use functions (f) to learn time concepts in life

5. Mathematical training

  • 5.1 Positive thinking
  • 5.2 Reverse thinking
  • 5.3 Multidirectional thinking
  • 5.4 Multi-angle thinking in daily life training

Course Features

  • Language: Cantonese
  • Subtitle: Chinese, (Coming Soon) English, Indonesian
  • Unlimited access for 1 year/ Unlimited access for 1 year after a successful purchase


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