Train your own little bookworm


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Level: Kids' Age 0-6

Language family:Cantonese

AQ:Adversity Quotient ​
CQ:Creativity Quotient
EQ:Emotional Quotient
IQ:Intelligence Quotient
LQ:Love Quotient​


Ms CooL is a children’s special education instructor. She is good at using teaching tools such as games, picture books and hand puppets to guide children to express their emotions, hence hope to help children develop healthy EQ in the future. At the same time, she is also a play therapist. Her play therapy is very effective in helping children with a learning disorder and hyperactivity disorder, those children gradually have improved their attention time span, and eventually, their learning ability.

Through this course, parents will learn the cognitive development needs of children of different ages. They will also learn how to pick the appropriate picture books to read to their children and master essential book-reading skills. Finally, there will be a few story-telling demonstrations done by Ms CooL guiding parents along the way.

Children who have been listening to their parents’ story-telling for a period of time will definitely develop good reading habits. As a result, children will get ahead in their vocabularies and speaking ability among their peers.

More benefits include:

  • Improve parent-child relationship
  • Logical thinking training
  • Develop reading interest
  • Proactive learning
  • Inplant good characters
  • Train EQ development

Course Features
Target: Parents of children aged 0-6
Format: Video Course (Unlimited access for 1 year)
Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese, English (coming soon)

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1- 5 benefits of picture books reading
  • Chapter 2- Understand the learning needs of children of different ages
  • Chapter 3- How to choose the right picture book for your child
  • Chapter 4- Learn the skills needed for a good book-reading
  • Chapter 5.1- Picture Book Guided Demonstration (1)-0-2 years old
  • Chapter 5.2- Picture Book Guided Demonstration (2)-3-4 years old
  • Chapter 5.3- Picture Book Guided Demonstration (3)-5-6 years old

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AQ:Adversity Quotient ​, CQ:Creativity Quotient, EQ:Emotional Quotient, IQ:Intelligence Quotient, LQ:Love Quotient​




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Kids' Age 0-6