The 2nd National Live Children Speech Competition



Type: Hong Kong & Macao, Overseas Chinese, Overseas non-Chinese

Language family:English


Time and Date

The competition will be launched on May 15 and May 16, 2021.  Participants should login to the online platform to participate in the online live competition according to the time slot arranged by the organizer.


Any current students of kindergartens and primary schools, with at least 1 electronic equipment (with microphone, speaker and camera, such as iPad, computer, etc.) that has internet access. 

Participating Groups

Hong Kong & Macao 

English Group

  • Group A <K1-K2> / Group B <K3-P1> / C Group <P2-P3> / D Group <P4-P6>

Mandarin Group

  • Group B<K1-K2> / Group B <K3-P1> / C Group <P2-P3> / D Group <P4-P6>

Overseas Chinese Group

Mandarin Group

  • Group A <K1-K2> / Group B <K3-P1> / C Group <P2-P3> / D Group <P4-P6>

Overseas non-Chinese Group

Mandarin Group

  • Group A  <K1-K2> / Group B <K3-P1> / C Group <P2-P3> / D Group <P4-P6>

Competition Format

  • Kindergarten group (k1-K3): recitation
  • Elementary school group (P1-P6) : original speech according to the theme provided by the organizer.

Participants should log on to the Kelly’s Education online classroom platform according to the given timeslot, and perform real-time 2-minute recitations or speeches. 

Registration Method

  1. Go through the registration procedures on ILK Learning’s website and pay the registration fee. 
  2. Complete the payment on or before the deadline 
  3. Once the application is submitted, you cannot swap or make any change on the participant(s). 
  4. Online registration starts from 9 am on March 20, 2021 to 0 pm on May 12th. 
  5. The organizer will contact the contestants within 3 working days after receiving the registration fee to arrange the follow-up entries.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for each project is HK$200, includes 1 online course (consistent with the registration subject), and entry ticket. 
*Register before March 31 to enjoy a discounted registration price of $150 

Payment Method

Log in online to, complete the registration form and make online payment. 

*Once the fee is paid, it will not be refunded regardless of any reason (such as violation of the “Articles of Association”, or failure to participate in the competition due to illness, personal reasons, etc.).

Rules and instructions 

  • Kelly ’s Education has the right to arrange the competition details such as judging standards, and contestants shall not object. 
  • Kelly ’s Education can mobilize, modify or cancel any scheduled events as needed. 
  • If the contestants are not up to the level and insufficiently prepared, the judge has the right not to score. 
  • Kelly ‘s Education reserves the right to change and interpret the rules of the competition. All competition rules and awards are subject to change without prior notice. 
  • In case of dispute, Kelly ’s Education reserves the right of final decision. 
  • Kelly ‘s Education has the right to broadcast and record the contests of the participants of this event for the purpose of judging or publishing the results in the future.
  • The subjects of an online course are the same as the participating subjects, and the class time is determined by the organizer.

Awards and Prizes

  • Every participant would receive a certificate of participation after the competition. 
  • Each competition category will have a winner:, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and Popularity Award. A trophy will be awarded and a certificate will be awarded. The prize is set as follows: 
    • Winner: $ 1,000 gifts, trophies and awards
    • 1st runner-up: $ 500 valued gifts, trophies and awards
    • 2nd runner-up: $ 300 valued gifts, trophies and awards 
    • Popularity Award: $ 500 valued gifts, trophies and awards
  • The organizer would notify winners regarding the method of claiming the prize after 14 working days. Winners’ certificates would be sent through email.
  • The results of the competition will be announced on May 25. 
  • Participants’ video clips will be recorded and may be uploaded on the organizer’s Facebook page to share with each participant for reference and achieve mutual exchange effect.

Terms and Condition

Other matters If there are any circumstances that cannot be explained by any provisions of “Contest Regulations”, or all administrative and competition matters, Kelly’s Education, the organizer of this competition, will make the final decision on the interpretation of “Contest Regulations”. If you have any questions, you can contact Kelly’s Education in the following ways:

  • Tel: 9888 3860 
  • WhatsApp: 6144 7395 
  • Email:

Additional information


Hong Kong & Macao, Overseas Chinese, Overseas non-Chinese


English, Mandarin


Group A: K1-K2, Group B: K3-P1, Group C: P2-P3, Group D: P4-P6