Culture for Kids: Chinese Calligraphy Class



Language family:Cantonese

CQ:Creativity Quotient
EQ:Emotional Quotient
WQ:Will Quotient


Class Summary

Your child is lively, and sometimes it is difficult for him or her to calm down and learn?

Is he or she accustomed to using electronic devices and hence, not familiar with writing on paper?

Sometimes to an extent that they lose their interest in writing?

A Chinese calligraphy class is a solution to all of the above problems!

The course introduces Chinese calligraphy with the use of Chinese culture with a prolonged history, gradually enriching children’s understanding of Chinese writing. By mastering the Writing method, stroke order and font structure, better language learning habits would be cultivated. The instructor uses vocabulary, words, famous sayings, and idioms as the teaching materials, and may guide the children to practice with nursery rhymes and ancient poems depending on the student’s level.

Learning Chinese calligraphy trains up children’s hand-eye-brain coordination skills. It is also a simple and effective way to develop the brain. Not only does it have a health-promoting effect on children by calming their minds and qi and helping them relax in leisure time, but it also achieves the effect of “cultivating the mind”.

Class Detail

  • Age: 6 or above
  • Number of Participants: at least 1 student per class / 2 – 4 students in small group class
  • Price:
    • 1 – 1 Class: HKD$400 / class
    • 2 – 4 people Group Class: $350/person
      Need to purchase a basic stationary set with practice papers. Each set costs $200 for brush calligraphy, $100 for pen calligraphy )
  • Format: Face to Face
    • (1) “Brush Calligraphy Experience Class”
      • 8 lessons in total
    • (2) “Brush Calligraphy Regular Class”
      • Regular weekly class, at least purchase 10 classes as a series
    • (3) “Pen Calligraphy Class”
      • Regular weekly class, at least purchase 10 classes as a series
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Class Date & Time slot: By Appointment, suggest to have at least 1 class per week
  • Duration: 1 Hour per class

Class Benefit

  • Develop good writing habits and hone childrens’ patience
  • Learn to handle emotions and ease stress
  • Improve culture and personal cultivation
  • Enrich vocabulary and increase interest in learning Chinese
  • Cultivate creativity

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Additional information

Age Group

Age Group: 6 yo or above


CQ:Creativity Quotient, EQ:Emotional Quotient, WQ:Will Quotient

Class Topic

Brush Calligraphy Experience Class, Brush Calligraphy Regular Class, Pen Calligraphy Class


1 Hour




1 – 1, Group Class ( 2 – 4 students )




Contact us separately for class time