First Code 1:1 Live Coding Program – Intermediate Level



CQ:Creativity Quotient
IQ:Intelligence Quotient


Course Summary 

Age: Explorer ( Age 9 – 11 )

Computer Science Path

  • AppJamming Level 1
    This course aims to empower students through teaching them problem-solving using technology. From introducing fundamental computer science concepts, applying Design Thinking process to utilizing AppInventor as a language, we guide students to apply problem-solving skills to their daily lives. Adapting a curriculum used in Silicon Valley, we cover user-centric design and mobile app development. Students receive personal guidance from our professional trained instructors in thinking through algorithms, decomposing problems and formulating multiple solutions.
    **Requires Laptop & Android**
    **Free online emulator available if no Android**


  • AppJamming Level 2
    The AppJamming II course aims to empower students to solve real world problems using technology. Through programming functional apps and mobile games, students review the fundamental computer science concepts and delve deeper into more advanced concepts: lists, loops and object-oriented programming. Throughout the course, students learn to decompose problems, research independently as well as plan out and manage their projects. At the end of the course, students will be encouraged and supported to design and program an app that solves a real world problem.
    **Requires Laptop & Android**
    **Free online emulator available if no Android**


  • App Lab
    This course is part of our App Development Series. This course aims to teach the programming fundamentals such as Events, Sequence, Conditionals, Variables and much more concepts with the aim to foster ideas and skills such as App Development, Design Thinking & Critical Thinking. Students will learn to code using Blocks but as the course progresses they will dive into Javascript. Students will be equipped with the skills of understanding how to design and implement their design with code to create a web based mobile application.
    **Requires Laptop**
    **Apps will be tested on the web browser**


  • Thunkable
    This course is also part of our App Development Series. This course aims to teach Mobile Application Development through the use of Thunkable. Students will learn to utilise the programming concepts that they have learnt from the previous course and learn to develop Mobile Apps for the iPhone & Android Operating System. Students will learn to use mobile tools such as a Database, Web Database, API’s and also utilise Google Maps and features on the Mobile Phone such as Gyroscope, Bluetooth, Accelerometer.
    **Requires Laptop & Android or iPhone**


Game Development Path – Minecraft

  • Minecraft Modding Level 1
    Minecraft, one of the best-selling video games of all time, is the ultimate pillar to showcase children’s creativity with building blocks. The Minecraft Modding Level 1 course, allows students to create tailor-made and really fun modifications to their Minecraft Game. They will learn to create fun games, special levels and even multiplayer races through the wonderful world of coding. Programming will be done using drag and drop blocks inside Code Kingdoms.
    **Requires Laptop**


  • Minecraft Modding Level 2
    Minecraft provides a 3D canvas to create anything we have the resources for in the game, and by tapping into the code, we now have the additional power to create anything we can imagine. This Minecraft modding class allows students to have full control over their 3D game world. Through teaching programming and technical concepts behind video game modding, this course empowers students to modify video games.
    **Requires Laptop**


  • Minecraft Modding Level 3
    Minecraft, one of the best-selling sandbox video games, is also one of the best games that allow children to be creative and have fun at the same time. It is a game about collecting, crafting and building with blocks. Minecraft provides a 3D sandbox where you can experiment with everything. In this course, students will be using a software that allows them to create minecraft mods with their own graphical and behavioral designs.
    **Requires Laptop**


  • Minecraft Modding Level 4
    Students will be using Javascript – a syntax-based programming language to mod their Minecraft Game. They will be able to programme and manipulate the functions of different objects in Minecraft, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what they could achieve. Students will be granted access to this platform during the course period. Through modding, each student will have completely unique worlds, they will be able to share them online, and impress others with items that the original game doesn’t have.
    **Requires Laptop**

  • Minecraft Redstone Level 1
    Starting with the simple concept of binary, into truth tables, they learn about logic gates. They then apply this knowledge to create projects including obstacle courses and timed traps, automatic secret doors, and more expert-level creations. This course empowers the students with the freedom to build and experiment with electronic circuits inside Minecraft, and stimulate challenging creations in real life.
    **Requires Laptop**


Game Development Path – Roblox

  • Roblox Studio Level 1
    Roblox is one of the highest grossing free to play games out there in the market. Through Roblox, kids can learn to create their own games and modification through using the programming language in Lua. This Roblox Coding I empowers kids to create their own games and modifications with the help of Lua Programming. Students will be introduced to block-based programming, it will teach them the concepts of Lua programming but remove the hassle of making mistakes and dealing with a console and debugger.
    **Requires Laptop**


  • Roblox Studio Level 2
    The Roblox Coding Level 2 course allows students to create tailor-made and fun modifications to their Roblox Game. They learn to create fun games, special levels and work on through concepts from Roblox Coding Level 1. Programming will be done using drag and drop blocks inside Code Kingdoms. As the lessons progress, students will reuse concepts from Level 1 and apply them in Level 2. Students will develop computational thinking and design thinking skills as they create their own mods using code.
    **Requires Laptop**


  • Roblox Studio Level 3
    Instead of using blocks to code our games, we will code our games with Lua! Lua is a lightweight programming language which is designed for multiple applications such as games and web applications. It’s lightweight because it is designed to have very little memory and has a minimalist syntax style. In this course, we’ll learn to create variables, loops and write conditional statements in Lua. Apart from learning to code in Lua, we’ll also learn to use other features such as creating constraints to objects and adding GUIs to our games.
    **Requires Laptop**


  1. Drop-In
    1 Hour beginner Course Credits
    HKD$ 400 ( Valid for 90 days )
  2. Coder Plus
    12 Hours beginner Course Credits
    HKD$ 4,580 ( Valid for 90 days )
  3. Coder Pro
    48 Hours beginner Course Credits
    HKD$16,890 ( Valid for 365 days )

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CQ:Creativity Quotient, IQ:Intelligence Quotient

Age Group

Age Group: 9 – 11 yo


Drop-In (1 Hour), Coder Plus (12 Hours), Coder Pro (48 Hours)