Play Therapy 1-on-1 Consultation


Price: $800.00


“Playing games with children is the most effective way to gain children’s trust and tap into their inner world”

Oftentimes when children encounter problems or frustrations, they do not know how to express their feelings properly. If we ignore these small needs of theirs, over time they might grow into problems with lasting impact on the children. Such as experiencing anxiety, having frequent nightmares, and these psychological problems might even be reflected on children’s physical health. A game therapist will be helpful in handling those situations and help ease the concerns of parents.

Play therapy is to stimulate children’s natural curiosity, using games or toys as a medium to establish therapeutic communication with them, helping parents to better understand their children’s needs.


Ms. Coolman TANG

Play & Expressive Therapy Instructor and Special Education Needs Teacher

  •   US registered Children Emotion & Behaviour Management Senior Instructor
  •   Children Game Therapist
  •   Japanese storybook telling instructor
  •   Family Counselling
  •   Level 2 Drawing Psychology Analyst
  •   Special Game Designer
  •   NLP practitioner
  •   Special Education Needs (SEN) Teaching Instructor

Language: Cantonese / English

Format: In Person

Fee: HKD800 (1 section)

Date and Time: Welcome to inquiry and make appointments

Duration: 45mins 

Specialized Area:

  •   Improve children’s concentration problems
  •   Help children understand their emotions and reduce stress
  •   Help with learning disabilities
  •   Improve social skills since childhood
  •   Improve children’s self-confidence in daily life

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