Popular Sports and Exercises for Kids and Teenagers!
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January 28, 2023

As you may know, an active lifestyle plays an important role in everyone’s life and bring countless benefits. For kids and teenages that are growing their bodies, doing sports regularly is not only fun but also improves health in many ways. Participation in sports also bring teens together from different schools, backgrounds, and communities, and very often, form intact bondings and friendships.

If you are in search of the best sport for your kid to take up, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular sports and physical exercises for children and teenagers!

1. Jumping rope

A children’s game that has been around for generations, rope jumping is also an amazing physical exercise that offers your child a wide variety of different benefits.

Physically, it trains up muscular strength and endurance of kids as a fun and engaging full-body workout. Nearly all parts of your child’s body are used when skipping a rope, from the heart, arms, legs and the back, to shoulders and core. It is an extremely engaging form of resistance training as body weight is used as resistance, leading to enhanced body balance, muscle ratio and coordination.

In terms of cognitive and emotional advantages, rope jumping brings a sense of achievement for kids among peers. An excellent for releasing endorphins in the brain, continuous rope skipping help boost mood and even self-esteem.

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2. Kendo

Combining martial arts practices and values with physical exercises, Kendo is a sports that is widely practised worldwide with over 6 millions practitioners. A sports descended from ancient Japanese swordsmanship, bamboo swords (shinai) and protective armour (bōgu) are introduced in modern Kendo practices.

Through right and routine training, the art of Kendo aims to cultivate children’s vigorous spirit and mold their minds and bodies. Kids can learn the precious values of perseverance, focus, etiquette, and respect through continuous practicing.

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3. Fencing

Thanks to Edgar Cheung Ka-long’s recent yet historical, first-ever gold medal-winning in the Tokyo Olympics, the sport of fencing is becoming extremely popular in Hong Kong. Let’s know more about fencing before you get your kid jumping right into it!

Depends on the type of weapon being used and techniques to be picked up, there are 3 popular styles of the sports of fencing: foil, epee, and sabra. Most of the time, practitioners will start the learning journey with foil form, then move onto and perfect themselves in more advanced forms like eoee and sabra. The lightest weapon among three, the maximum weight of a foil is 500g, a contributing factor that makes it the most beginner-friendly form. Once a foil fencer hit the opponent’s torsi with the blade’s tip, he or she scores right away. 

While saber is the quickest, most aggressive style of fencing among three disciplines, epee is the opposite side of things, being the most defensive with a requirement of high-level skills and sharp counter moves.

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4. Skateboarding and Rollerblading

In addition to bringing loads of fun, both skateboarding and rollerblading are exceptional and popular sports that exercise kids’ feet, legs, arms, and torso as they go straight, twist and balance with each trick and turn.

Speaking from the mental benefits that skateboarding and rollerblading offer, these two popular sports teach two crucial life lessons to children: “practice makes perfect” and “failure is an inevitable part of success”. As young skaters and riders proceed to master different tricks and techniques, in between every successful move, there must be setbacks and wipeouts. Only with persistent practices can the kid begin to see improvements. As so, skateboarding and rollarblading provide an incredibly rare sense of achievement for kids, while cultivate their growth mindsets along the learning journey that must be beneficial to their future.

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5. Cycling

A classic way to get the little ones away from the TV and out into the nature, cycling is a popular form of sports that can also turn into priceless family time! One of the major difference of cycling when compared with other popular sports, is that it does not essentially require a professional coach when your kid just start out. Instead, with mom or dad holding the back of the seat, children can already begin to enjoy the fun of riding on a bicycle.

Another great point about cycling is that, it is a popular sport that can be practise almost everywhere without age restrictions. If you are a parent with toddlers, you can still have your child start with a three-wheel tricycle simply on flat grounds, and then hop on a two-wheel with a training wheel once he or she grows older and starts to understand how balancing works. You can take off the training wheels according to your child’s learning pace.

Similar to other popular cardio exercises and sports, cycling is brilliant in terms of improving cardiovascular health and building a well-functioning respiratory system. Especially important for kids, cycling also helps get their balance and coordination right in and trains them up on concentration skills.

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All in all, countless physical, social and psychological benefits come with getting your child active in some sort of popular sports. If you are looking for a way to keep your kid healthy and happy, there is no better way than picking up a popular sports!

Wish to find out more parenting tips? Want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge when staying at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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