Let's Dance! Popular Types of Dance for Kids
By ivany
February 21, 2023


Humans are born to dance. Just as much exercise as it is an art, dance is an excellent way for children to learn how to take good care of their bodies. With plenty of research, studies and personal stories to back it up, dance for kids is known to be a great way to train up children’s physical fitness in aspects from balance, flexibility, body coordination and muscle strength to stamina, posture and agility. 

From pre-schoolers to teens, kids of all ages have something to take home in a dance class and often, earn themselves a lifelong hobby that helps them to express themselves throughout the course of life. Read on to know more about 5 popular types of dance for kids in Hong Kong!

Ballet Dance

kid ballet

Ballet dance is a massive draw for Hong Kong girls and boys, especially those who start to take dance lessons at a younger age. If we have to trace ballet’s origins, it would be back to the Italian Renaissance around 15 centuries when it was a form of court entertainment for the noble class. The term ‘ballet’ stems from the Italian word ‘ballare’, which translates to ‘to dance’. 

Not only is a kid in ballet costume a joy to watch, but ballet dance is also known to be a graceful form of dance that takes plenty of precision and muscle strength. It can take a relatively long time for dancers to master the fundamentals of ballet due to its structured and disciplined nature. However, because of this exact same reason, ballet dance is globally recognised as an amazing cornerstone for aspiring dancers who wish to move on to other dance styles. At all levels, ballet dance engages the entire body from head to toe and hence, getting your kid’s posture on point. This is easily proved by the fantastic physiques of professional ballet dancers around the world. 

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Jazz Dance

If ballet is the representation of discipline in the world of dance, then jazz dance will be the portrayal of freedom and energy. Some might know jazz dance as the ‘American Dance’ because of its roots in the American-African culture and New Orleans. Heavily influenced by the music genre that shares the same name, jazz dance focuses on showcasing dancers’ individual skills and improvisation based on creativity. Hence, jazz dance is the perfect dance form for kids with energetic and cheerful personalities, looking for a way to express feelings to the rest of the world using motions. 

Some beginners may find jazz dance challenging due to the explosive moves it requires, from fancy footwork and lightning-fast steps to big leaps and quick turns. The athletic, full-bodied nature of jazz dance develops strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance in kids.

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Muay Thai Boxing Dance

Muay Thai boxing kid

A creative form of dance, Muay Thai Boxing Dance combines the benefits of practising both boxing and dancing. If you want to get your kid out from the couch or in front of the computer screen, this might be a fantastic form of exercise that you have not considered yet!

Instead of just teaching kids how to fight, Muay Thai Boxing Dance is indeed about using force correctly, focus, balance and respect. Through Muai Thay Boxing Dancing, children also pick up motor skills that improve focus, a lesser-known benefit for children with attention disorders such as ADHD. Not to mention that Muay Thai is known to be one of the most fat-burning sports out there for kids and parents that are looking to stay fit.

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Chinese Dance 中國舞

An ancient art across time and space, Chinese dance has been a representation of our culture since the Neolithic era as religious rituals till today. It is a very special form of performing arts and cultural heritage that comes in diverse forms, including Fan Dance, Ribbon Dance, Long Sleeve Dance, Umbrella Dance, Sword Dance, Lantern Dance, and Drum Dance - just to name a few.

Due to its historical background, Chinese dance involves a lot of storytelling through motions to celebrate stories and folklore of China's past and its people. Since China has 56 distinct ethnic minorities, you could imagine the vast variety of traditional dances that your kid can choose from in the world of Chinese dance. However, Chinese dances do share some common characteristics, such as an emphasis on hand-eye coordination, stylised steps and gestures and heavy use of props. With its proximity to martial arts, Chinese dance is one of the most suitable and appealing dance styles for boys as well. Dance lovers often can secure excellent body alignment and musicality by practising Chinese dance.

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Kid breakdance hip hop

Breakdance might sound like a surprising choice for kids at first, but it is in fact an exceptional choice of dance out of the ordinary. A dance done to the rhythm of hip-hop music, breakdancing features dynamic body movements from spins and arm movements to leg movements, all of which originated from kung-fu or even gymnastics. 

Breakdancing is a dance form that requires a very high level of muscle control and strength to perform tricks like power moves, legworks and freezes. What sets breakdance apart from other dance styles is its individuality. In the breakdance culture, no single combo of tricks or choreography is considered to be ‘correct’. Dancers are encouraged to develop their unique styles from the basics they learn, making this dance form a true representation of self-expression and creativity. 

Despite all the advantages that dancing brings, the key to making things work is to find something that is suitable for your kid. It is essential to match the dance style with your kid's personality, needs and most importantly, interest.

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