5 Easter Activities Ideas in Hong Kong

5 Easter Activities Ideas in Hong Kong

By ILK Post

   February 8, 2021

Being one of the longest school holidays in Hong Kong, Easter is often fun-filled for kids with freedom at your doorstep. With the pandemic continuing to affect our daily lives, travel restrictions and social distancing measures remain, limiting the choice for Easter celebrations. Are there any interesting Easter family activities in town to crack a good time with your kids over this holiday break? Tailor-made for parents, ILK Learning puts together a list of 5 outdoor and indoor Easter activities. This year’s Easter, build new, family-bonding traditions and memories with diverse #ParentsandKids activities from soaking in the sun outdoors to indoor crafting and handmade fun.

Stay-home Family Activities

  • Create Easter Crafts and Artworks

    Trying to avoid crowded occasions for the family’s safety? You could still enjoy Easter and create special family memories at home with art! Encourage your little artists to unleash their creativity with different kinds of arts from Easter-themed paintings, paper crafts to even egg-decorations. You can easily achieve this by downloading printable templates and following video instructions online or simply, taking an Easter-themed online art workshop with your kids.  Creating artworks together not only boosts the family relationship but also helps your children to explore the festive vibe creatively. They can express themselves by taking a break from the hectic school schedule. Art creation also supports children’s development of hand-eye coordination. You may even put up the finished artwork as long-term home decor to bring a springtime touch to any room in the house! The fact that your kids’ artworks have been put up, gives them the confidence to let the imagination flow! Related Blog: How does aesthetic training contribute to quality childhood education?
  • Make Easter Cookies

    [caption id="attachment_25916" align="alignnone" width="800"] Young Asian Japanese Mom and Daughter cooking at home. Lifestyle women happy making pasta and spaghetti together for breakfast meal in modern kitchen at house in the morning concept.[/caption] Nothing in the world beats freshly-baked cookies! What would be a better way to celebrate this sugary-sweet festival? Let's get your kid hands dirty with baking processes like:
    • Rolling balls of dough
    • rolling out dough with a rolling pin
    • flattening the dough with the hands 
    • Brainstorming shapes for cookies (creating their unique, adorable bunnies and Easter eggs!)
    These are all great ways of letting kids practice their bilateral coordination skills and nurture their creativity.  Steps like:
    • Rubbing the dry ingredients into the butter/shortening
    • Squeezing icing out for decoration 
    are amazing exercises for strengthening your little ones’ hand muscles as well. Kids also get exposed to measuring and number concepts in the process of ingredient preparations. An unexpected yet fun way to pick up Mathematics concepts! Cooking together with kids engages all of their senses. Young children learn differently than adults, with touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, observing, reading and listening. This is why the kitchen is a perfect environment for learning - because all of the above learning styles would be covered! Starting to cook at a young age, allow kids to start taking care of themselves by picking up this basic life skill.
  • Join a local Easter Camp

    Looking for ways to add a little bit of learning to a whole lot of fun? Struggling with planning for the holiday under busy daily routines? Everything you need for Easter is wrapped up in this list of Easter Activities carefully selected by ILK Learning. We prepare a wide range of activities covering themes like STEM education, arts, language-learning and so much more. As your long-term parenting companion, we wish to help your family get the most out of every learning opportunity whilst still enjoying yourself in a safe environment. Have quality, family time with our Easter camps that enhance your children’s 8 Quotients safely indoors!

Outdoor Family Activities

  • Get on a Family Field Trip

    Despite being packed with skyscrapers, over 40% of Hong Kong is country parks. Nature is a perfectly calming haven away from the city. While Spring is just around the corner, head out for a family outdoor adventure to get some exercise and vitamin D under the warm weather! Enjoy the holiday with a family hike, an Easter picnic or an expedition to local organic farms! Lots of local farms including: provide opportunities for kids to interact with bunnies in real-life! Source:448 Farm Page
  • Go on an Egg Hunt

    Of all Easter traditions out there, the egg hunt might be the most classic one in the Western world. Get your kids and family members involved in an Easter treasure hunt this year! If you are concerned about going outdoors, you could hold an egg & treasure hunt with small gifts scattered around corners of the house. Want to get some fresh air with outdoor activities? Many hotels and shopping malls provide family-friendly egg hunts that save you the hustle from planning from scratch as well! Explore egg-cellent egg hunts in places like Discovery Bay and Hong Kong Gold Coast, and take home some fabulous prizes! Participating in an egg scavenger hunt encourages kids to engage in physical activity. Coming together and solving puzzles with family members is also an amazing family memory that trains kids' teamwork spirits.


With the government announcing to relax some COVID-19 prevention measures, the pandemic seems to be more under control. Parenting has never been harder and it has been a difficult year for many parents. This Easter is the perfect time to bring home some cheer. We believe these family activities can help create amazing memories, enhance family bonding and pass on family traditions. To sum up, ILK Learning hopes your Easter is full of sweet things this year! Easter is a time to come together and celebrate new beginnings. We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday as a family and enjoy a delightful Springtime! Do you want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge even at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages! Related Courses: Easter Special Painting Workshop: Bunnies and Eggs DIY Phrase-Tionary Camp for Easter Speak Well as a Storyteller: Picture Books Reading

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