Top 8 Benefits of Coding for Kids

Top 8 Benefits of Coding for Kids

By ILK Post

   July 29, 2021

Need not to say, living in an increasingly digitized world, everyone keeps telling you about how important tech skills are. Not only does it help with a child’s academic success, soft skills development but also their future careers. While all of the benefits of coding for kids may sound too dreamy, they are actually all true! ILK Learning is here to break down 7 benefits of children picking up coding at an early age, for confused parents like you.

  1. Coding nurtures problem-solving mindsets

    In short, kids who learn to code are better problem-solvers.  All coding challenges start with a problem. It is either to fix, improve, or create something. Children as coders need to:
    • Define the problem
    • Find the reason(s) why and root cause
    • Come up with solutions or answers
    • Pick from the above
    • Try to execute their choice of solution
    • Evaluate their choices and efforts
    This, in fact, is a powerful approach that could be transferred to every aspect of life. While kids are repeatedly trained to solve problems in an effective manner, they get familiar with this valuable skill, which is sought after by many grown-ups.
  2.  Coding trains the brain (intensely)

    Coding has proved to be a brain-boosting training that involves both the left and right sides of the brain. In fact, according to specialists, it actuates 5 districts of a brain at one time, including big parts like working memory and consideration. It helps with the cognitive parts and moves memory forward. To add, coding requires lots of data reading to recognize patterns and problems. This is an intense training for our visual preparation, quick eye movement and eye joining system.  In short, coding is your children’s powerful hack to brain development and IQ training.
  3. Coding improves children’s logical thinking and Mathematics performance

    To control and program a computer, children must first learn how to “think” like a computer. They have to break down a problem in smaller steps using their left brains. That way they could start to relay a set of instructions and execute a solution following the problem-solving approach that mentioned above.  From an academic perspective, the computational thinking involves:
    • Understanding abstract concepts
    • logical reasoning
    • Data organisation
    • Analysis
    • And so much more
    All of these are much needed skillsets when it comes to maths. In other words, coding improves math performance
  4. Coding opens the door for lifelong learning 

    Technology awaits invention and changes. In the world of computers, people and machines keep improving themselves and nothing would stay constant. Top performers no longer monetize one particular, lifelong skill set and status-quo, but excel by expanding their professional scope. To remain effective, every coder (including your child) would be equipped with the ability to adapt to changes by acquiring new knowledge. It could be learning a new programming language, catching up with a new digital tool or simply breaking down existing problems.
  5. Coding develops resilience and persistence (AQ)

    In the world of coding, “debugging” is one of the most important procedures. “Debugging” is the process of going through the code and looking for mistakes before running the codes. It requires great attention to detail since code seldom works as expected on the first try. Coders have to try again and again until they smoothly run the code. It encourages kids to bounce back every time they fail and to see it as a learning opportunity instead.  AQ is a score to measure the ability of a person to handle adversity. Coding helps kids build up the confidence to face setbacks without giving up. Hence, a perfect training to increase a child’s AQ quotient.
  6. Coding is a good headstart on future careers

    Plain and simple, STEM skills are in high demand for job markets. According to, 67% of all new STEM jobs are in computing, yet only 11% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. That’s a serious shortage of CS majors. And there are so many more roles than just pure STEM jobs. In the digital era, computers would be an essential tool for most jobs. Even for ”arts” related careers like graphic design and music production, professionals are digitalizing the production process. Acquiring coding skills and getting familiar with computers, would be one of the most needed hard skills for the future generation. Related Blog: Why STEAM Education Should Be Introduced Early?
  7. Learning coding together is good for family bonding

    In between busy schedules, we all squeeze time for quality family time. Learning coding together as a family is indeed a nice alternative than your usual practice!  Since coding is a new field for both kids and parents that requires continuous practice and time invested in. What is better than working hard together as ”classmates” towards the same goal ? Families could easily find free online resources to begin with on weekends, and start bonding over technology!
  8. Coding fosters creativity and brings satisfaction

    Just like painting and music-playing , coding allows kids to express themselves and gain satisfaction. This is another great training to boost up kids’ creative quotients. With coding knowledge, kids are granted the power to turn their dreams into reality in the format of an app, a game or a website, and even more with unpredictable tech advancements. They could explore fun ideas that match their visions.


Bill Gates once said, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.” Gaining important skills in coding help prepare children for their future. And it is never too late to start sparing time and pick up an essential skill like this. Wish to find out more parenting tips? Want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge when staying at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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