10 simple ways to improve your kids’ English writing skills

10 simple ways to improve your kids’ English writing skills

By ILK Post

   June 29, 2021

Learning English is a big part of education nowadays in Hong Kong. The four main areas of learning English — writing, reading, speaking, listening, are all crucial in mastering English. Among all, writing might be one of the most difficult tasks for many kids. Kids nowadays rely so much on technology. They spend less time writing with pens and expressing thoughts with words. Therefore, how can we help children to improve their English writing skills? Improving kids’ English writing might be tough and time-consuming, but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to share! ILK is here to share 10 simple and effective ways to improve your kids' English writing skills that parents can take notes on:

  1. Encourage regular reading

    There are good reasons why people say a good writer must be an avid reader. Reading is definitely one of the most important keys for writing better. Reading and writing skills are intertwined. It helps kids to strengthen their English writing skills by growing their vocabulary. Furthermore, kids can learn different structures of words and sentences from reading. Readings allow children to absorb all the writing skills and patterns from books. It will help with transitioning these gains into their own writing in the future. As parents, we can read together with kids to guide and encourage them to read more! In short, reading helps with kids’ vocabulary, grammar, and writing structure. Reading will surely benefit kids' English writing skills by exposing them to a variety of uses of words.
  2. Learn English writing through art and crafts

    Learn English writing through art and crafts Sometimes it is hard to pick up a pen and begin. Why don’t we try something more fun instead? For younger kids, arts and crafts will certainly be much more intriguing than writing. Colouring, cutting,  sticking… Kids enjoy the fun creative process with their crayons and glue. So how can we tie crafting with English writing? Let’s think of it as an art activity with your kids, but … in English! Parents can lead their kids to tell a simple story with art. Prepare some images with the matching vocabulary on them. Like a cartoon house picture with the word “house”, etc. We can lay out all these pictures, and let kids choose the images to form a sentence or story. Kids can then stick them on a drawing book to finish their artwork. It is just like choosing the right ingredients for baking. These words and phrases can be some usuals that you can introduce to your kid. Kids tend to absorb knowledge better in games. Art and crafts are not only beneficial to children's development, but also help with learning vocabulary faster and practice sentence construction as well.
  3. Writing journals or diaries help you to practice English writing 

    Writing journals or diaries help you to practice English writing  Keeping a journal is an awesome idea for kids to practice their English writing every day. It can be considered a daily writing exercise. Kids can express their thoughts and write down their stories of the day in diaries. Practice makes perfect. Regular English writing practices like journaling and diaries can act as a good channel for kids’ emotions and exercising English writing. We should encourage children to write about different things in their daily life, like school and family. Something memorable in their days should also be recorded down with words. Make journaling a daily routine and thus incorporate English writing in their daily routine. Writing diaries is a fun thing to do with no stress or judgment. Let’s start writing tonight!
  4. Find the interesting topics

    Let’s take time to think about the interests and favorite things of your kids. Video games? Sports? Or their friends? Sometimes asking children to put their minds to writing something they have no interest in can be quite a challenge. Therefore, helping kids to pick a suitable topic to write is a key to kick-starting their English writing exercise. Get your kids to be involved in the discussion of what to write. It can be a great motivator for kids in writing when they get to choose what they like to write. Parents can encourage kids to pick their favorite cartoon or book to write a review or new ending in English. Be it a cartoon series on princesses, or an animal documentary. Connect children’s interests to English writing if possible and kids will find joy within. Things that spark interest in kids will be the much-needed inspiration for them to begin English writing.
  5. Make it a game to learn English writing in a fun way

    Make it a game to learn English writing in a fun way Do you find your kids sometimes struggle with writing? Playing games or doing fun activities with kids can actually encourage their English writing. Word games like scramble and crossword are some good options for English-related games. We can introduce games like these to slowly lead children to English. It’s a big no to force kids to practice English writing, or make it a task for them. Instead of writing a ton to practice, kids should first build their interests in the language. Games then come in as a great alternative to teach children vocabulary and grammar. When children enjoy their game time, they will start to foster a positive association with English. The more they play, the easier it is to lead children to English writing. After all, learning English writing can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids.
  6. Praise their English writings

    Praise their English writings Praising your kids’ writing will always be a good energy boost to their learning. Parents’ interest and affirmation mean a lot to children. Are their writings creative? Are they interesting or thoughtful? Let kids know your thoughts and comments on their English writing. We can also show kids that we are responsive and people will pay attention to their effort. It is "what" has written that is important, instead of "how" it was written. Ask kids questions or show them support when they present good writing… These positive actions will encourage their English writing and will further help them develop self-confidence. Take a constructive approach to support your kids. You can always find the goods to compliment your kid's English writing.
  7. Be their inspiration

    Why not be the role model to inspire your kids to write? It is always a great approach to teach children to write by showing them how you do. Kids will know that writing can be a natural thing when they see you do it frequently. Kids will associate writing with easy, casual, and life-related. They will learn writing as they “copy” you to write. Parents can try talking with children about your writing too. As a role model for kids, parents can share their writing experience to motivate your kids. So kids can then learn the importance of English writing and how they can write better. Kids need direction and guidance along their learning process. Parents can be their light outside of school. There’s no better way to learn than to see your role model doing it.
  8. Help them write better

    Kids might have all sorts of questions on English writing: spelling, grammar, or content. We can be their writing assistant, to provide them with writing advice and support. Try asking kids questions on the content and objective they want to write, and direct them to organize these writing materials. The beginning is always the hardest. Parents can make a huge difference by reviewing their drafts and writing directions. Walk through the points with them, and make writing easier and clearer. On the other hand, we all know how confusing it is about grammar and spelling, especially for kids. Instead of checking the bulky grammar book, why don't we give help to kids when they need guidance? Let kids know that you will be there to offer help with proofreading or guidance when they need it.
  9. Copying is useful

    Copying is useful in English writing We actually encourage kids to copy! Weird as it might sound, but copying someone else’s writing can help kids to develop their own English writing skills. Copying poems, quotes, or even lyrics can help kids to pay attention to different writing patterns. The use and meaning of words, new sentence structures, and writing style… These can be observed and recognized through copying. We understand generating new ideas every time when writing can be a pain. So copying shows an alternative way to learn English writing without inputting new ideas. More to that, kids can choose their favorite piece to copy, a song, a book, or a poem. Either way, they will learn something about English writing through people’s words. While we absolutely disagree with plagiarism, referencing sentence structures or writing styles of different people would certainly be beneficial for kids’ writing. From the work of others, we learn and reflect on our own piece. Therefore, copying is also an effective method to improve kids’ English writing skills!
  10. Songs can also help to improve English writing Skills

    Songs can also help to improve English writing Skills Songs are one of the most interesting ways to get children into learning English. Most of all, children love fun things rather than pure words on paper. Songs can be a motivation for kids to learn things as phrases and sentence forms in English. For younger children, they can begin with nursery rhymes. It comes naturally that kids can quickly memorize lyrics and start to sing along. More songs they listen to, the more words they learn, and hence more English sentences. Music serves as a great help. Kids can build up their library of English on vocabulary, sentence structure, and even rhyme. Sometimes the fun brings kids the knowledge we can’t precisely share on paper. Combine interesting songs with learning English writing and it provides an easier and compelling context for kids.


English writing is an important aspect when learning English. It can be difficult to learn and master, especially for kids. It involves kids’ understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Besides regular writing practices, there are many fun ways to help kids with improving their English writing skills. More exposure to English in different contexts allows kids to develop stronger writing skills. Let’s begin to help kids to improve their writing skills with our suggested ways. Want your kids to get into the world of English without stress and heavy workload? Wish they could pick up their interest in English writing? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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