Through Learning Arts to Develop Kid’s CQ & EQ

Through Learning Arts to Develop Kid’s CQ & EQ

By ILK Post

   May 26, 2021

Art is an essential part of children’s education. Drawing, crafts, or even dramas — these are all creation and expression in terms of art. Learning arts is important to our kids in various aspects, for saying creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills. We all know art is some of the building blocks of both the physical and mental development of kids, but what's more to the benefits of learning arts? As a parent, it is important to provide our children with different learning opportunities that can enhance the development of intelligence. Learning arts can not only promote kids’ drawing skills but also help to develop their CQ and EQ. ILK Learning is here to analyze 4 reasons how art classes for kids are beneficial to the development of their CQ and EQ.

  1. Explore & Learn about Different Cultures

    Art can be coming from anywhere, anytime. In the process of learning arts, kids can get to know artworks from all over the world. We will introduce the story behind the art pieces or the background of the artists to the children. By learning more about the background, kids can know more about the cultures of different nations and the lifestyle in different eras. For instance, we will explore the aesthetic and the long history of art in Chinese culture in learning the traditional Chinese Calligraphy. Art provides room for children to look closer into the cultures, to expose themselves to various cultures in different art forms, and thus to continuously develop their CQ under art education. Art can enrich children’s understanding of the world around them and also be the tool for kids to express their cultural identity too!
  2. Learning Arts can Encourage Healthy Emotional Expression

    Learning to express our emotions in a proper way is one of the key elements contributing to high EQ and children’s mental health. Art can help kids to present their feelings and thoughts in a visually readable way. Aside from speaking it out loud, art can be the alternative for children to express feelings and thus build their resilience. Drawing a picture of a happy family gathering, or an illustration of a lonely man in the gloomy day… Art can be a platform for children to paint their ideas, and allow others to feel them with their art. Find opportunities for your kids to get into artistic creation, the process can bring quietness to the kid's mind when they are focusing on creating. It also helps to regulate their feelings in a healthier way thus contributing to EQ development!
  3. Tell Your Story

    Sometimes, a picture can speak louder than words. Every piece of art carries a story. The power of visuals is that people can easily feel and understand the idea and story with their eyes. Creativity is unlimited in our kids and which makes them strong storytellers by using colors and lines. Learning arts give these young talents space to illustrate their narratives and ideas to the world. Children with higher EQ can connect with others on emotional aspects by illustrating their stories, either by words or visuals. In short, art liberates kids’ minds from the usual framework and guides them to raise their CQ and EQ through art and communication. Let the kids run free in art and surprise the world!
  4. Recognize and Appreciate Differences by Learning Arts

    Art exists in all shapes and styles. We see different points of view, cultural background, or aesthetic preference in art. By learning arts, kids can be exposed to countless artworks, and which guides them to observe the differences in the world. We notice the diversity in the choice of color, drawing approach, etc. among the art by people around. Look closer and find the uniqueness in everything. Art lessons are more than teaching children to paint but also help kids to respect the interpretation of reality in others’ eyes. Appreciating others’ individuality and uniqueness is a key to raise kids’ CQ as it encourages connection and understanding between people of different backgrounds. Kids with an open mind can always navigate well in our diverse and ever-changing world.


By learning art, children can enhance their Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Cultural Quotient (CQ), hence grow to be the all-around young talent. Art provides the opportunity for kids to appreciate the world from a different angle and let them recognize their ideas and feelings. Art might seem to only be a skill for kids and not a focus in our daily education, it can be the key for our kids to thrive and shine in the competitive world! Want your kids to get into the world of art and start learning? Wish them to grow into a more all-rounded person? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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