The 10 Best Ways to Boost your Child’s IQ

The 10 Best Ways to Boost your Child’s IQ

By ILK Post

   May 24, 2021

1. Feed them the right nutrition

We have all heard the saying “we are what we eat”. When it comes to boosting your child's health and IQ, eating welling is the absolute key. Omega 3 fatty acids have been widely studied by scientists to be a good supplement for enhancing children’s IQ. We can obtain omega 3 fatty acids by consuming fatty fish like salmon, codfish and sardine. For plant-based diet families, superfoods like flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts would be great alternatives.

2. Raise your kids in a multilingual environment

Decades of studies have finally confirmed that IQ and language ability are positively correlated. Learning a new language could stimulate a broad stratum of children’s intelligence. Children who grew up in a multilingual family will have higher mental flexibility and better attention control. Because children who can speak different languages are exposed to different cultures and they also tend to be more open-minded later in life.

3. Read extensively

It is a no-brainer that the more knowledge a child acquires, the higher his/her intelligence will be. Reading ability is critical to boosting IQ, simply because it is the most common way to absorb new pieces of knowledge. Either at school or later in adult life. Letting your children read broadly at their early age can help them boost their IQ, they will also build a strong language memory and large vocabulary bank.

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4. Boost IQ by playing using their hand

Some children are visual or reading learners who will learn well with lots of reading and memorizing, while some children learn best by getting their hands busy. And they are called kinesthetic learners, Lego or building blocks will be these kids’ favorite toys. You would also want your children to try the latest trend like programming and robotic coding. These activities also teach children to have critical thinking, promote creativity and boost their IQ.

5. Game is a great way to boost IQ

Lots of parents might have the misconception that playing is just playing but “playing” comes in many forms. Games are meaningful and joyful. In a game, it has rules children need to follow and they need to learn to find a strategy to win the game. A game should be fun to play with, challenging and at the same time, rewarding. Chess is one of the oldest games in history and it remains one of the most popular games around the world till now for the same reasons. Lots of highly intelligent kids grow up loving games like chess or puzzles. 

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6. Art is the birthplace of creativity

Art is a very effective way to stimulate the brain and encourage creativity. Dr. Lawrence Katz, a famous neuron scientist, found that creating art can enhance problem-solving skills and creative thinking. It inspires children to come up with their own solutions by thinking out of the box. IQ and creativity work hand-in-hand together and they complement each other. High IQ will not lead to innovation but when combined with creativity, innovation will emerge.

7. Encourage them to be a problem solver

There are tips parents can do in everyday life to help their children’s cognitive development. Firstly, parents need to respect their kid's opinions and believe they can have original thoughts. Then allow them to solve problems he/she on their own. Parents must allow children to make their own mistakes. IQ also means the ability to solve a problem by using different methods. We must let children understand failure is not to be feared but rather celebrated, so they will embrace failing and trying on the road to success.

8. Social interaction is key for IQ

With information so easily available and online classes made popular by the year-long pandemic, some might doubt the meaning of school. But if you ask any kids who have been having Zoom lessons for months, they will all immediately tell you, they cannot wait to get back to school to play with their friends. Social interaction is quintessential to humans. That is especially true to younger kids. They need social interaction to learn from their peers and figure out what is happening around them.

9. Learn a musical instrument

Learning music is very similar to learning a language but it trains a different part of our brain. Studies have found, letting children learn a musical instrument when they are young help to have a higher IQ score and better cognitive ability. Children who can play at least one musical instrument tend to perform better at school as well. One study found that musicians have better working memory than non-musicians.

10. Create a stress-free culture is good for IQ

Some parents worry that children who have high IQ might be more likely to have mental health issues. This research published in the Intelligence journal has shown that people with high IQ often have tendencies for “intellectual overexcitability" and hyper-reactivity of the central nervous system. Parents should try their best for their child to grow up in a happy and open household. Minimizing the stress a child is already facing is very important for them to continue their development in a healthy way.


To help a kid have a higher IQ, parents should never put a limit on their kid. We should help them gain exposure to new knowledge, new environments, new languages and new cultures. Allow them the freedom to learn and fail! 

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