4 Tips to Put Your Baby to Sleep

4 Tips to Put Your Baby to Sleep

By ILK Post

   May 8, 2021

For all you exhausted, new mommies and daddies out there, babies failing sleeping “through-the-night” must be one of your biggest parenting nightmares. With all the daytime chores, diaper challenges and feeding contests, a blissful break at night is a dream-come-true. Among other things, it is heart-breaking seeing your baby not getting the sleep so much needed for their growth. While a sufficient amount of rest time seems to be impossible while you are raising a newborn, have you consider using some small hacks to help with the situation? ILK Learning is here to introduce 4 tips that put your baby to sleep and enhance his or her sleeping quality.

  1. Try Swaddling to put your baby to sleep

    From born to about age four to five months, infants innately possess a startle reflex, in which they feel as if they are falling. The sensation of falling causes jerking movements in babies. They eventually startle themselves awake. The swaddle procedures are not difficult with common senses. Simply lay the blanket and tuck the edges around the baby. Make sure you always put your baby to sleep on his or her back with not-too-loose fabric. You might as well talk to experienced parents or your doctor and observe your baby by paying more attention to the details. When it is done properly, it works like absolute magic. The feeling of being wrapped up snuggly resembles how the baby was protected in your womb. Besides, what on earth is cuter than tucking your beloved little one into a burrito-like blanket?
  2. Keep your Baby Cool

    Maintaining the bedroom’s temperature is one of the most important things to do to put your baby to sleep. As suggested by many sleep experts and pediatricians, you should aim to keep your thermostat below 22.2 degrees Celcius to give your baby the most comfortable sleep. Although it sounds a bit chilly for a newborn, the effect of dropping the temperature to put your baby to bed has been proven by many studies and books. To reassure that the baby is not too cold, put your palm on his or her chest to check the body temperature. If it is warm, the baby is warm enough to avoid catching the flu or other things that terrify parents.
  3. White Noise Helps

    Have you ever fall asleep when listening to natural sounds? White noises, basically the sounds that block out other sounds that might occur naturally in cities, and with similar frequencies that human ears can process at equal intensity. White noise apps and machines are getting more and more popular in the adult world. As the grown-ups, white noises help create a more relaxing bedroom environment for babies and promote high-quality sleep by easing anxiety.  From time to time, soothing sounds created by the white noise machine hint the body to associate the sounds with “sleep” and gradually build up a sleeping routine. It is one of the most natural ways to train up your baby’s brain to know it is the time to sleep. In addition, other household noise that happens in the background that may potentially wake your baby up would be muffled. Half of the baby’s sleep is in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage that translates to light sleep. From the sound of blowdrying hair to the sizzling sound of fry-pan, they would now all be masked by white noise in the baby’s dream. In other words, no more ninja-ing to your bed just to avoid waking your cute, light sleeper!
  4. Baby Massage is Magical to put your baby to sleep

    Encourage your baby’s sleep in a warm, quiet place with a gentle touch! While an infant massage can be occurred anytime at the day, incorporating it into the baby’s sleeping routine. A nice, calming baby massage not only helps to relax the baby’s muscles but also nurtures their development! According to this study, there has been an increase of approximately 1.3 hours a day in sleep quantity for 3 to 6-month-olds. They tend to sleep faster, more deeply and for longer.  Not to mention, we humans love physical proximity. Nurturing touch is an amazing way to convey your love to your infant. It undoubtedly calms them down by getting closer to parents they are familiar with and tend to strengthen the bond between parents and babies. This reason alone may already be a perfect reason for you to try baby massage! While we cannot teach all the ins and outs of kids massage in just one blog article, you may also explore how much babies and newborns may benefit from massage techniques with our experienced ERB registered masseur instructor!


By weaning your baby off distractions, noises and motions, your baby grows into a healthy child with a high level of Health Quotient (HQ). Follow a consistent sleep routine and these calming techniques to nurture them into cute and sustainable sleepyheads. A small step to keep your baby to sleep on time, would be a huge, essential leap for YOU to sleep on time! Wish to find out more parenting tips? Want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge when staying at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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