10 Nostalgic Childhood Memories

10 Nostalgic Childhood Memories

By ILK Post

   January 23, 2021

What are the most profound memories of your childhood memories? As a parent, will you try to create these childhood memories specifically for your children? Nowadays, most children are packed with various tutorial classes, so they might not have that much spare time. But when you look back to your childhood, are there moments that you will inevitably recall some regrets? It may be that you cannot enroll in some of your favourite extracurricular activities according to your wishes, or you dare not say that you do not like the arrangements of your parents. If you could choose again, would you bravely speak out the will buried in your heart? Perhaps most of us do not dare to do so, and most of us are very well-behaved and will not say “no” to the arrangements of parents. But does the child like it? As parents, we love our children dearly, and of course we do not want our children to have any childhood regrets. ILK Learning interviewed 10 parents to share their most memorable childhood stories, let's see whether any of them will resonate with you!

  1. “Girly” Hobby

    Mrs. Ada Tang, a parent student of the Beginner Yoga Class 1-on-1 Offline Class: When I was little, when I first saw the poster of the swimming class, I immediately begged my mother to let me sign up. But my mother wanted me to learn some more virtuous hobby classes. Even for sports, I should learn tennis or badminton, not swimming. Finally, she took me to a "Little Gentlemen and Little Ladies Class." At that time, I begged and yearned to my father that I hated this course very much. At last, my kind-hearted father finally took me to the swimming lessons. When I was in primary and secondary school, I insisted on swimming and won many medals. Now I will ask the children what their real interests are before I let them sign up for classes. Because extracurricular activities should be something that children look forward to, and I, as a parent, feel consolated to see children learn and grow actively!
  2. Children’s Toy

    Mrs.Lee, a parent student of the Kids Massage for Stronger Child class: I was being spoiled since my parents used to buy a lot of toys for me back then, yet the time I enjoyed most was the time to explore the playground with the children living next door. We ran around after school, with touches of laughter filled in the air. We enjoyed spending time studying the snails coming out after the rain. Infact children are very easy to satisfy, spending time with them wondering about the parks and nature will already make their day!
  3. Father's Dream

    Mr.Tam, father of 2 students in Culture for Kids: Chinese Calligraphy Class: My father's favorite sport is golf. He kept playing video clips of golf competitions and golf tutorial videos on the TV when I was young.  Fortunately, there is still a spot in the home for him to practice his swing every day. He also tirelessly explained to me the joy of golf. When I was young, I didn't want to reject my father, and I ended up playing golf with him one summer. Although this is a very good parenting time because the usually reticent dad is particularly energetic and chattering when playing golf. But my father mistakenly thought that I also like golf and helped me sign up for the competition. In the end, I had to bite the bullet in order to fulfill his expectations of me.
  4. Can Children Make Their Own Decisions?

    Mrs. Yeung, mother of a student in First Code 1:1 Live Coding Program: When I was young, my parents were afraid that I often couldn't make up my mind and couldn't make a decision correctly, so they would check everything for me. At that time, I saw the students around me were learning piano, so I told them that I wanted to learn. But they thought that these "interests" influenced by friends would not last long, and in the end they didn't let me learn. Back then, I often went to the music centre to look for friends who knew how to play the piano, to satisfy my desire to learn it. Now when I have the ability to earn extra money, I immediately save up so that I can learn piano to fulfill my desire that I have been longed for!
  5. Reason For Tutorial Classes

    Mrs.Chan, mother of 2 Online Children Music Theatre Training 's students: Tutoring was more like a good place to meet new friends when I was a kid. Although my grades were not bad, my parents still worried that I could not go straight to the feeder secondary school, so they sent me to a tutorial centre to ensure that my grades would not drop. At first, I was also very resistant. I have already spent so much time studying in school, and I have to make special tuition after class. I already feel tired when I think of it! After attending a few classes, I became good friends with my classmates there, and sometimes we pranked together. So now being a parent, when I help my children choose relevant extracurricular activities, I would prefer to choose something that is edutainment! This way the children will have fun in class!
  6. Me And My Children’s Interests

    Mrs. Leung, a parent of a student of Master English Speaking Through STEM: I remember that since I was a child, I discovered that I like activities related to eloquence, such as emcee and recitation, etc., and I have always cultivated this interest. After my children were born, I obviously did not specifically let them cultivate these talents, and they naturally showed a strong interest in these fields. When I was a child, I actually wanted to learn dance, but my mother didn't allow it. Guess what, both my daughters like dancing now! When I was young, I didn't have much interest in piano, and neither did my two daughters. These situations are really interesting, is it a coincidence or genetic inheritance?

  7. Pass Notes In Class

    Parent Student of Baby Sleep Well: During class, it can be really boring, so I will pass notes to the students around me. Whenever the teacher writes on the blackboard, everyone will quickly pass notes to each other, which is as funny and intense as the plot in the movie! Although the content of the note is nothing more than a discussion about what snacks should be eaten, and the girl next door is very cute. By passing notes filled with these irrelevant content created so much excitement!
  8. Birthday

    Ms. Tony Tsang, a parent student of Energetic Parents: Private Training with Fitness Expert: Birthdays are a rare occasion when my parents will put their work aside and spend the day with me. Although I can have dinner with my parents every night, they usually have their own busy schedules. Even if we eat together, we rarely chat. Fortunately, every year my parents planned for my birthday celebration. I remember the year when the ice cream cake was first introduced. Since my test scores improved a lot. My parents ordered this ice cream cake for me. As a primary school student, I was so excited. Since then, every year I will work hard during the exam to try my best to get this ice cream cake from my parents! Although they usually don't talk very much, and their way of showing love in others may be a bit random, but as their son, I understand that this is the unique way my parents show their love.

  9. Raise Pets

    Ms. Kate Wong, a student of Eat Right be Bright : When I was a child, every time I went to the park, I would see all kinds of dogs. Since we don’t have pets at home, I would eagerly rush over and pat them every time I see them. In the beginning, I thought that if I got good exam results, I could get my parents to let me take a puppy home as a reward. Who knew that when my mother heard this request, she told me, "You haven't taken care of yourself, please don't think about raising a dog!". At that time, I really wanted to raise a small animal, so I tried to compromise with my parents to own a fish. After raising fishes, they then let me raise hamsters. Finally, there are so many pets at my home! If my parents let me raise puppies in the beginning, I might have lost the opportunity to take care of all these different pets.
  10. Draw With Kids

    Mr. Yim, father of a student of Andreas Outdoor Sketching Class: I remember when I was young, I liked drawing on my textbooks, because sending kids to tutorial centres were not popular back then, so this was just how I got to spend my past time I was bored. Now I have my own child, he likes to paint, so I immediately enrolled him in a drawing class, and he really enjoyed the class. He in fact mentioned to me a few times that his favorite is to attend his drawing classes. Seeing him enjoy painting so much, suddenly urged me to paint with him once I get some free time. Although these times can be used for rest, yet when I paint with my child, I witness his happiness. He will also take the initiative to share school anecdotes with me during our painting time. Gradually, these parenting times has become an indispensable and important time in a week!


These numerous fragments of memories show that although childhood memories can be sometimes regrettable, there are also fragments of love. Whether as a child or as parent, you look at each piece of memory yet, from a different perspective. It is normal for children to hope that they can try different new things as much as they want, and parents must not want their children to go the wrong path. But when you think back to the regrets and memories of being a child, you will find that these experiences have become the nutrients for your growth and development! Being worried is a parent’s act of love, but remember to let your children explore freely! Do you want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge even kept at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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