3 Methods To Strengthen Your Children’s Immune System

3 Methods To Strengthen Your Children’s Immune System

By ILK Post

   January 19, 2021

Winter is the peak season for colds and influenza. This year, with COVID-19, “health” becomes the most concerning topic surrounding us throughout the year. In general, children have weaker immune systems than adults, so the chance of getting sick is higher. Prevention is better than cure, rather than letting children take medicine after they get sick, why don’t we work on strengthening their immune system from now? You might wonder, what else can parents do to help their children besides a balanced diet and regular sleep? ILK Learning here shares 3 methods that parents can easily pick up to help strengthen children’s immune systems.

Healthy Smoothies

A lot of children love soft drinks and snacks, but eating junk food brings harmful effects to children's bodies. Children don’t usually prefer herbal tea and nourishing soup, what can parents do to get around? As long as you have a blender at home, you can easily make healthy smoothies that children like, it helps with supplementing Vitamin C and other important health elements, all these will effectively help boost your children’s immune system. Vitamin C Drink Recipe
  • Ingredient (4 servings)
    • 1 ½ cups strawberries 
    • 1 sweet red bell pepper
    • 1 banana
    • 1 scoop nut butter
    • 1 cup milk
These healthy smoothies made with fresh ingredients not only taste delicious, they serve as healthy snacks for children.  As long as parents know what flavours your children prefer, you can create their favourite nutritional drink! 

Children Massage (Tuina)

Tuina therapy for children has a wide range of applications. It effectively strengthens one's health, prevention and treatment by applying force to specific parts of the body, acupoints or meridians. Pediatric Tuina focuses on "prevention before disease", which not only helps children improve their immune system, but also promotes their healthy body growth. There are many methods of pediatric massage, and they are not popular in Hong Kong. Therefore, parents should carefully research, study and practice from the experienced Tuina master before applying the technique of pediatric massage for your children.

Practice Qigong

Qigong is a form of health-cultivation regimen. We often see seniors practicing qigong at parks, but practicing qigong also brings great benefits to children. Qigong promotes physical fitness and immunity through regulating qi. It can sharpen children’s concentration, emotional stability and improve their mental health.


“Health” is currently the most important aspect for everyone. In addition to a balanced diet and regular sleep, there are other ways for parents to develop children’s immune systems at home. Rather than relying on medicine when children get sick, why don’t we try out these easy methods to offer our children good prevention? Do you want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge even at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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