How To Enhance Children’s Interest In Learning Idioms?

How To Enhance Children’s Interest In Learning Idioms?

By ILK Post

   January 15, 2021

A lot of children frown at their eyebrows when they need to learn Chinese idioms because learning Chinese idioms at school mostly consists of memorizing their meanings and working on sentence-making exercises. Is cramming all the meanings an effective studying method? This type of mechanical learning pattern solely relies on children robotically memorizing all information without processing these Chinese idioms. This way, children lack thought exercises and might become resistant to learning Chinese idioms. This method does help children recite Chinese idioms in a short time, but it might cause a counterproductive effect upon children’s mindset. Moreover, younger children lack the motivation to self-learn, so we need to employ interesting and fun studying methods to arouse their interest in self-studying. As a parent, how can you add fun to learning Chinese idioms?

ILK Learning has specially selected 3 fun ways to learn Chinese idioms!

Connect Superlative With Chinese Idioms

This method is a new way to memorize Chinese idioms. It enhances children’s memory of Chinese idioms by forming a visual connection with the denotative meaning of the idiom. This memory technique can help children remember many Chinese idioms quickly because the visual imagery of these Chinese idioms are mostly exaggerated and lively. But this memory technique relies on the imageries of these Chinese idioms instead of the meaning behind these idioms so this method might not necessarily help children remember meanings of Chinese idioms.

Learn With Drawing

Drawing can help build up children’s interest and sense of achievement towards learning new Chinese idioms, with the added benefit of deep impression. Parents can have children compose a short story whenever they learn a new Chinese idiom. Then, children can express their stories through drawings. This process can inspire children’s imagination and deepen the impression of Chinese idioms. By learning Chinese idioms through drawing, children can gain new knowledge and have fun at the same time!

Pairing Game

After so many days of online learning, children might be already tired of this one-way learning mode. If parents push them to do even more exercises, children might start developing a sense of rebellion about studying. Instead, if we combine fun and education, children may be able to experience fun from studying! Parents can create Chinese idioms pairing card games according to their children’s age and familiarity with Chinese idioms. Parents only need to create a set of Chinese idiom cards and a set of meaning cards, then it is ready to go! Parents can use this card game to play with their children. Not only is it educational, it is also a fun family bonding time!


Children might be reluctant to learn Chinese idioms in the beginning due to the way school teaches them. Yet it does not mean that your children are not suitable for learning Chinese idioms or are less talented than the others. Instead, it means that there are fundamental problems with the learning method they have been using. Letting children understand the meanings behind Chinese idioms is obviously important, but we also need to let children experience the fun of learning to promote self-learning. Parents can try these methods with their children, it might bring a whole new learning experience to them!

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