A Different Christmas Journey Under COVID-19 Pandemic

A Different Christmas Journey Under COVID-19 Pandemic

By ILK Post

   December 12, 2020

Every Christmas, all kids look forward to receiving gifts and going to Christmas parties the most! Unfortunately, we all have to stay home under the COVID-19 pandemic. How will you celebrate this special Christmas with your kids?

Most of the time, parents purchase video gaming consoles or other toys for their kids. But gifts for kids don’t have to be toys. Purchasing an educational gift is another awesome choice! Not only can you let kids experience the fun and joy in learning, but also cultivate their independent learning skills. It really is two birds with a stone solution!

ILK Learning is a 100% creative online learning platform that gathers a variety of high-quality educational materials. So that parents can are able to seek educational inspiration, stimulation, and solutions with our courses that are categorized into 8 Quotient (8Q) – Intelligence, Emotion, Health, Love, Will, Finance, Averse and Creative. ILK Learning aims to help parents choose the most suitable courses and materials for their kids. Therefore, ILK Christmas Camp 2020 has specially selected 3 courses to let your kids learn easily and happily at home during Christmas:

1. Santa University

The instructor of Santa University will guide kids to make luminous and glowy Christmas decorations, including snowflake crystal balls, Christmas cards with LED lights, crystal snowflakes, and more! (All the materials will be delivered to your address for free after registration) Instead of purchasing ready-to-go Christmas decorations, creating these decorations with your kids will bring them so much more confidence and become a warm and fun family memory. These decorations will surely become the shiniest and eye-catching decoration in your home!

2. Little Eco Explorer

The instructor of Little Eco Explorer will explain thoroughly the cause and effect of climate change to kids, to guide them through thinking about how they can contribute to the solutions to these environmental problems. During the course, the instructor will teach your kids how to make environmentally friendly handicrafts, including DIY recycled paper, eco-friendly trash bins, and "Greenhouse Effect in a Jar" and more! (All the materials will be delivered to your address for free after registration) By experiential learning, it leaves a greater impact and a deeper impression on our kids. Through this journey, we can let our kids understand that their little changes can also cause a much bigger impact than they can imagine!

3. Computer Programming

This Christmas, ILK Learning provides a wide variety of computer programming courses for kids aged 5 or above. There are easy-to-learning courses with Scratch and Minecraft, to more in-depth Web Programming and Java Processing, so that kids can learn STEM in a happy and fun environment. Let your kids kickstart their STEM journey from this Christmas with our courses!

Among all these courses, there must be one that is suitable for your kids! For all parents who want their kids to discover their interests and passion, these courses are not to be missed! The above courses are Christmas-limited. Sign up as soon as possible to get your kids a seat! ILK Leaning wishes you and your family a fulfilling and Merry Christmas!

Do you want your kids to acquire different skills and knowledge even at home? Check out ILK Learning’s Course Catalog to find THE course for your kids! Feel free to reach out for more information on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to seeing your messages!

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