Would you like to keep your kids away from ball games and other summer outdoor activities that bring bacteria and viruses home and make them sweat profusely?

We have an antibacterial plan for this unique summer that will allow your kids to learn something new, stay indoors, safe from the bacteria and improve their 8Q!

Following the most up-to-date educational trends, ILK Learning has identified a number of unique activities, including various STEAM learning classes, so that you can choose your kids’ favorite activities or help them develop new interests. With the all-rounded development, interesting learning format, you can go to work at ease, and your kids can have a safe and fun summer. 

Search for the most suitable summer courses for your kids now!



ILK Learning 今次貼近社會趨勢,特別搜羅了香港較為另類及罕有的興趣班,包含了各個大小型的STEAM興趣班,讓小朋友可以選擇自己喜歡的活動或是培養新的興趣,實行動靜皆宜的全方位發展,進行愉快學習,讓家長們放心上班,小朋友健康成長。