Chinese Writing Course (4 / 8 Sessions)

Chinese Writing Course (4 / 8 Sessions)

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8 years old to 16 years old
South Horizons


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Chinese Writing Course (4 / 8 Sessions)

Level 1 (Suitable for P4 - P5 students) Building a foundation in composition and introducing different genres of writing This course focuses on building a foundation in composition skills and developing students' interest in composition. Students will be introduced to the characteristics of different writing styles and will be able to grasp the essentials of various writing styles. The tutor will review the students' essays so that they can understand Students can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own writing and to enhance their confidence in writing in the short term. Level 2 (Suitable for P6 - S1 students) Further strengthen your writing skills and face new challenges with ease Strengthen students' writing skills. Students will be taught the secrets of writing argumentative and descriptive essays, as well as a variety of writing techniques, such as rhetorical devices, correlative words and sentence structure, so that they can take their writing to the next level and face the challenges of further studies. Level 3 (suitable for S2 - S3 students) The course is closely aligned with the New Academic Structure, and there is no difficulty in improving writing skills The transition to senior secondary school requires more training in observation, thinking and imagination to refine, enrich and organise writing. This course is based on the 3-3-4 academic structure and is designed to address students' weaknesses in writing and to teach them the characteristics of various writing styles. The tutor will review the students' essays and give them clear guidance and explanations to improve their writing skills. The content and sequence may change according to the instructor's decision.
Wise Kids Education Centre


Audience: P4 - S3 students

Number of Participants: 3 - 4


HKD 1,000 / 4 sessions

HKD 1,920 / 8 sessions

Format: In-Person (South Horizons); Group Class

Language: Cantonese

Course Date: Enroll anytime

Course Time:

(Sat) 15:45 - 17:00 / 19:15 - 20:30

(Sun) anytime within 15:00 - 19:00

Course Duration: 75 minutes per session, 1 session per week, 4 / 8 sessions in total


Wise Kids Education Centre
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Ms. Jennifer Siu A former student of St Paul's Convent School, and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, USA Many years of experience in teaching and developing elite students A former teacher at a prestigious school who understands the learning difficulties and weaknesses of students of all levels A well-trained teacher who is well regarded by parents and students

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