CoSpaces Introductory Course





CoSpaces Introductory Course

[CoBlocks by CoSpaces Edu] With its easy drag-and-drop colour blocks, CoBlocks is the ideal solution for beginner coders! CoBlocks is a visual block-based programming language similar to Scratch that can be easily learnt by anyone, even as young as a primary 3 student. [Game Creation] Students have great fun writing their own games in CoSpaces Edu! Creating games can be done as a group or individually and is a great way to learn coding while enjoying the learning process. [Storytelling] CoSpaces Edu's 3D creation tools and coding features are the ideal combination for creating stories. Children can practise storytelling and have fun creating their own stories, either for fun or as part of classroom practice. This course emphasizes three main aspects: 1) Interactive 2) 3D construction 3) Storytelling Each child will have a unique narrative script and interactive ideas. Students can follow their own creativity and use the programming to create games and stories to build their own meta-universe, while the tutor will help students in need. Designed by Dr. Leo Leung, the course allows students to: understand the functions and interface of CoSpaces learn various functions such as uploading and recognising 3D models, learning to create 360-degree scenes learn programming and logical sequencing skills Past student performance (2014-2022). 95% of students were able to complete projects independently, using programming to create the games and stories they wanted 90% of students report an increase in creativity, presentation, logical thinking, technology awareness and self-confidence after participating in the programme


Age: 8 yo or above

Price: HKD1200 / 4 lessons

Format: Online / In Person, Group Class

Language: Cantonese

Location: Kowloon Bay

Class Date & Time slot:

SAT: 10:00 - 11:00

(4, 11, 19, 25 Jun 2022; 2, 9 Jul 2022)

Duration: 60 mins per lesson, once per week, 6 in total


本中心於2014年成立,以工程學及STEM主題舉辦興趣班,以工程教育(Engineering Education) 增進青少年及小朋友對科技的認識,讓同學們透過有趣的活動了解工程師的工作,學習將學校中書本上學到的知識應用於日常生活當中,從而培養他們對學習的興趣,並訓練他們解決問題的能力和團隊合作精神。 本中心舉辦各式各樣的STEM課程,包括編程、機械人、3D打印、AR/VR、無人機課程,亦是Kittenbot、Makeblock、CoSpaces、DJI認可或授權的教育機構,提供專業及獲認証的服務,確保教學質素。


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