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Fiona Fan (Fitness Instructor)

Fiona has been coaching kids & teenagers fitness for several years after quitting her fashion PR job. She realized fitness is always what she wanted to explore and share with others, especially with kids! She also realized many kids nowadays are not exercising enough and do not understand the importance of doing so. 

Fiona has been physically active and participated in various sports training as she grew up. Not until she was in university, she discovered the joy of body-weight training, where she was able to keep up with her fitness from home amid her busy study schedules.

By combining her enthusiasm, experience, and creativity, she has brought game-based activities & body-weight training together and designed all sorts of play-based exercises for kids to play with and so to train up their physical abilities effectively, and most importantly arouse awareness of exercising regularly at a young age.


● Hong Kong Stretching Exercise Association - Stretching Instructor 

● The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Certificate in Bodyweight Training Instructor 

● The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Certificate in Children Fitness Instructor Training Course 

● Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited – Elementary Referee Course (Theory) 

● Hong Kong St. John Ambulance – Certificate in First Aid 

Patrick Lai (Coding Instructor) 

After working as an IT professional for many years in banks & financial industries, Patrick has strong aspirations to empower the younger generations to become creators with technology and get them ready for the digital future. He has extensive software development experience and in-depth knowledge in many programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (IT & Telecommunications)
  • MBA (Financial Services)
Indoor Children & Teens Fitness Class
In-Person(Causeway Bay), Group Class
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