【PhD Scientists STEAM Classes】- Little Detective (Senior)

Course Summary

The curriculum is written by a team of REAL Scientists who are passionate about Science education. Our courses are not only exclusive to children who want to be Scientists but also for everyone who is curious about life!

If you are looking for a fun-filled and inspiring Science learning journey, this is the best place to explore!

Programme Highlight

our programmes adopt a theme-based approach and cope with the EDB curriculum guide (STEAM), which enable students to discover Science knowledge regarding to our real-life experience student progress is measured and tracked closely by our team of Scientists, students will receive a comprehensive report upon the completion of Science programme, students will be awarded with an achievement certificate issued by our Science mentor Dr. Hung.

Programme Characteristics

  • Closely supervised by Doctors
  • Taught in small groups
  • Improve discipline
  • Develop logical thinking
  • Enhance problem solving skills
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Expand creativity into real scenario 
  • Cultivate habits in observing and investigating  
  • Learn fundamental scientific theories
  • Awarded an Achievement Certificate issued by our Science Mentor Dr. V

Course Content

Using various scientific forensic techniques, children become detectives to solve mysterious cases!

Case #1 The Missing Painting
The Doctors’ Museum was broken into and the valuable painting “Mona Lipa” was missing from the collection! In order to catch the thief, we will need to identify the shoe prints, obtain the fingerprints and extract the DNA found at the crime scene. Let’s be a little detective and help solve the case!Lesson 1 – Shoe Prints (can receive a “Mini Lego Shoe Prints Badge” after finishing lesson)

Lesson 1

What can we tell from the shoe prints at the crime scene? Using special tools to obtain and analyze the shoe prints, we will be able to shortlist the suspects from the crowd!

Lesson 2

What do your fingerprints look like? Why can we identify somebody with his/her fingerprints? By collecting the fingerprints at the scene and making use of the uniqueness of them, we are a step closer to the thief!

Lesson 3

Have you imagined you can extract DNA from living cells? With the definite proof, the thief can’t get away anymore!


*Receive a “Mini LEGO Badge” after completing each task
*Collect 3 badges and get a mysterious badge


Case #2 Who Stole my Dog?
Ken’s dog, Coffee, is missing! Traces of hair, fibres, powder and blood stains were found around Coffee’s kennel. Little detectives are required to use microscope, identify the unknown chemicals and analyse the blood splatter patterns to identify the thief from the suspects!

Lesson 1

How can we see tiny things? With the use of microscope, we will be able to identify the exhibit and find out the potential thief in the first round!

Lesson 2

By experimenting and analyzing the pattern of the blood splash, we further shortlist the suspect!

Lesson 3

How can we identify the powder we found at the crime scene? We can distinguish the substance by observing the chemical reactions, which provides the key to indicate the dog thief!


*Receive a “Mini LEGO Badge” after completing each task
*Collect 3 badges and get a mysterious badge

Course Details

  • Age: 8 – 12 (Senior)
  • Price:
    • HKD$550 / lesson (Included one-time HKD$100 enrolment fee)
    • HKD$2600 / 6 lessons (Included one-time HKD$100 enrolment fee)
      • *每堂贈送材料包及博士科學家筆記
      • *完成全6堂課程可獲由科學博士Dr. V頒發之精美證書
  • Format: In-person 
  • Language: English / Chinese
  • Class Date & Time slot: *For class time and enrolment details, please whatsapp or call 6919 2589.*
    • Every Monday – Sunday
    •  09:15 – 10:30 / 11:00 – 12:15 / 14:30 – 15:45 / 16:15 – 17:30
  • Duration: 75 mins per lesson; 1 lesson per week, 6 in total
  • Learning Center Address: Causeway Bay Flagship Store (5/F, Lee Garden Six, 111 Leighton Rd, Causeway Bay)
    • Or specified branch School: Causeway Bay; Meifoo; Sham Tseng; Tuen Mun; Tsuen Wan (Ocean Pride / Grand City Plaza/Tsuen King Circuit / Riviera Gardens)

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