Are you worried about how to teach your children well?

In the process of children’s growth, parents seem to encounter different problems and challenges every day. Sometimes parents will unintentionally put their expectations and requirements on their children, but in the end they will not get the expected results. Children bear heavy pressure based on that. As a parent, are you facing the following questions:

  • Want to accompany your child to grow up together, but encounter a lot of problems and can’t get started?
  • Want to communicate with your children, but it turns into a quarrel?
  • Children seem to be worried, how can you get into their inner world?
  • About the roles that parents should play at home, who should be the “good person” and who should be the “bad, strict person”?
  • When should I let my child solve the problem on his/her own? I always want to help him/her deal with it.
  • Children have low levels of self-confidence. How can we help them improve on that?
  • I feel helpless and anxious as a parent, who should I talk to?

Want to solve the above problems and truly understand the needs of children, so that the whole family is full of a harmonious and positive atmosphere?

This course is personally instructed by Mr. Rex Wu, the founding dean of the Positive Parents Academy. Dean Hu has nearly 20 years of experience in psychological counseling. The course is designed for parents based on 4 aspects: knowledge, mentality, skills, and habits. A series of professional, practical and effective parent education programs allow parents to accurately grasp the knowledge of children’s psychological development. It can also strengthen the communication between parents, families and the community, effectively exert their care for children, and build a happier family and better parent-child relationship.

Course Objectives

  1. Possess the correct knowledge of children’s psychological development
  2. Master the thinking and behavior habits of continuous positive development
  3. Consolidate and strengthen children’s self-drive
  4. Become a relaxed and happy parent

Course Detail

  • Date:16, 23, 30 Dec 2021 & 6, 13, 20, 27 Jan 2022 & 10 Feb 2022(8 classes in total, every Thursday)
  • Time:7 – 10pm (3 hours per class)
  • Format:Zoom Livestream
  • Price:HKD$6,800
  • Instructor:Dean Mr.Rex Wu
  • Limited seats, sign up now!
  • Welcome to contact through Facebook or WhatsApp +852 6918 4998 (Positive Parent Academy-Positive Hotline) to know more details!

Course content 

Lesson 1: Formulate the basic rules of parenting

  • Understand the current causes of parent-child pressure
  • Recognize the important rules for establishing healthy parenting methods
  • Set parenting goals

Lesson 2: The rules for judging right or wrong children’s behavior

  • Recognize the widespread misunderstanding of the right and wrong judgments of children’s behavior in the society
  • Understand the basics of children and psychological development
  • Master the correct method of judging children’s behavior

Lesson 3: Children and Mental Development

  • Understand the psychological development of 0-12 years olds at various stages
  • Master the key points of childcare at each stage
  • Ways to restore good parenting outcomes

Lesson 4: The right way to strengthen children’s learning and provide motivation

  • Understand the mental state of children in learning
  • Understand children’s cognitive development
  • Master the principles and methods of using incentives correctly

Lesson 5: The different roles and influences of fathers and mothers on children’s psychological development

  • Understand the difference between parents and carers in children’s subconscious mind  
  • Understand the impact of parents’ parenting concepts on their children’s future
  • Understand the influence of father and mother on children’s psychological development

Lesson 6: Parent-child habits that promote good grades in children

  • Understand the influence of different parenting modes on children’s psychological development
  • Understand the rules for nurturing children who are independent and confident
  • Master the “parenting equation” for children to learn happily

Lesson 7: Problem-solving habits that influence children’s future

  • Recognize the important relationship between creativity and problem-solving ability
  • Learn about ways to improve children’s creativity development
  • Master the mental process of solving difficult problems

Lesson 8: The influence of parents’ emotional management habits on children

  • Recognize emotions and their importance to children’s psychological development
  • Understand the influence of parents’ emotional management on children’s growth and development
  • Master the methods of positive emotions management

About 胡君孟院長(Rex Wu)

  • ⭐正向家長學院創院院長
  • ⭐中國國家認可心理諮詢師
  • ⭐心理學學士(WCIMT of Australia)
  • ⭐美國NFNLP認可NLP心理學資深導師及高級發證導師
  • ⭐美國NFNLP認可NLP心理學啟導教練及發證導師
  • ⭐美國應用心理學會認可兒童財商教練(American Institute of Applied Psychology)
  • ⭐美國ABH認可高級催眠治療師
  • ⭐美國時間線治療學會認可時間線治療師(American Time Line Therapy Association)
  • ⭐英國PGNLP認可NLP心理學導師
  • ⭐美國ABNLP認可NLP心理學高級執行治療師
  • ⭐美國NFNLP認可NLP心理學高級執行治療師
  • ⭐INLPI 認可NLP心理學導師

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