Mathematics Classroom

Course Summary

Mathematics Classroom of i-Math Education is designed for children between 3 to 15. They aim at developing children’s interest in Mathematics by using systematic teaching materials with mathematical concepts. Thus, this can enhance children’s logical thinking and examination skills.

Kindergarten students

i-Math adopts attractive teaching methods by using colorful books, pictures and toys to consolidate children’s fundamental concepts in mathematics. The K-book includes the listed topics: numbers, addition and subtraction, fast calculation, geometry, logical thinking etc.

Primary school students

The learning materials are designed based on the Hong Kong Education Bureau curriculum. Apart from revising what they have learned before, this course helps students to have a better understanding of each topic’s important concepts through games and real-life examples. Students with better mathematical sense can preview topics that are not yet taught in school and learn mathematical concepts and calculation skills in i-Math. Therefore, they can handle different mathematics challenges in the future.

i-Math emphasizes students’ ability to understand mathematical concepts. Students are not able to handle challenging questions if they are not familiar with those concepts. They might forget what they learned quickly.

Students can follow the school curriculum easily through the teaching from i-Math. They can handle questions easily and independently.

Before the examination period, i-Math adopts effective exam drilling which significantly strengthens students’ confidence in aiming high in examination.

Secondary school students

The learning materials are designed based on Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide from Hong Kong Education Bureau. There is a large difference between primary and secondary mathematics, and many students cannot get used to understanding mathematical concepts in secondary school. However, they can handle challenging questions by applying the techniques and skills taught by i-Math. It is essential to learn mathematics in systematic ways.

Class Detail

  • Age: 3 – 15
  • Number of Participants:
    • Zoom Group: 1 teacher with at most 2 students
    • Face-to-face class: 1 teacher with at most 4 students
  • Price:
    • Small class:
      • Kindergarten & primary school: HKD1,680 / 8 lessons
      • Secondary school: HKD1,880 / 8 lessons
    • Zoom private:
      • Kindergarten & primary school: HKD2,500 / 8 lessons
      • Secondary school: HKD2,700 / 8 lessons
  • Format: Zoom Group/Zoom Private/Face-to-face class
  • Language: Chinese
  • Class Date & Time slot: To be determined by parents
  • Starting Date: To be determined by parents
  • Duration:
    • Zoom class: 45 minutes
    • Face-to-face class: 60 minutes

Course Benefit

  1. Personalized learning: Students will take regular assessment tests which helps i-Math to design suitable teaching material and goals according to students’ learning progress and ability. The teacher will speed up or slow down their teaching with respect to students’ learning ability.
  2. Self-study: Students are responsible for completing homework after each lesson. They should try their best to study what they have learned and solve difficulties in their homework. This can cultivate their problem-solving skills.
  3. Step-by-step teaching: i-Math emphasizes every learning step. To ensure students are on the right track, i-Math divides large topics into different subtopics. This can consolidate students’ basic knowledge on different topics.
  4. Mastering mathematics: With a customized learning program from i-Math, students can learn mathematics concepts and skills according to their learning progress. Students can be more efficient when taking the examination and they can enhance their accuracy through effective drilling. This greatly strengthens students’ confidence when having an examination.
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