Class Summary

Want children to master the basic skills of painting at a young age?

Your child has been learning to draw for a while and wish to further improve his/her skills?

Drawing allows children to express emotions freely and assists physical and mental development. Training children from an early age on their cognitive ability of color, shape, and spatial position is also extremely beneficial to the development of right-brain intelligence and image-related abilities.

This course is taught in a one-to-one manner (or self-organized group), starting from the basics of sketching to color combinations, shading, color, proportions, etc.The instructor trains up your child’s observation, concentration and patience with a detailed and comprehensive method. The student would be able to master the fundamentals of drawing and create a unique portfolio of oil paintings at the end. The course is taught by Bernard, Hong Kong’s first VR virtual painting artist. He has more than ten years of experience in teaching drawing classes and is proficient in both traditional art and modern technological art.

Class Detail

  • Age: 9 years old and above
  • No. of students: Min 1, Max 4
  • Price: Normal Charge – $900/ Hour
    •  $10800 / 8 Lessons (1.5 hours per lesson)
      • Tuition fee valid for 2 months


    • First-time registrations: 2 lessons class (1.5 hours per lesson)
      • Included Materials


    • One-off Materials & Tools fee of $880, including:
      • Sketch pen and oil paint brushes
      • Palette
      • Painting Knife
      • Oiler/Oil Pot
      • Thinner Linseed Oil
      • Oil paint – 18 colors
      • Chalk pastels – 48 colors
      • Professional painting book for oil painting*1 (can be used as a personal portfolio in the future)
      • Mini Easel *1 (approximately 60cm high)


  • Format: Face to Face
    • Location to be arranged by parents by request with direct transportation, not applicable for the Islands District
  • Language: Cantonese / Mandarin
  • Duration: 1.5 hours per lesson
  • Class Date & Time slot: Thursday or Friday, please contact 69192589 ( ILK CS ) to make appointments

Class Benefit

  • Master drawing fundamentals
  • Diligent painting
  • Train up observation skills, concentration and patience
  • Help children express emotions and assist physical and mental development
  • Train the cognitive ability to determine color, shape, and space
  • Develop right brain intelligence and image-related abilities

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