(1) Little Marine Biologist–Marine biology

Every since STEAM education was introduced in Hong Kong; It has been a crucial element in learning. In order to be better prepared for the future, children between 3 to 4 should get involved in STEAM as young as possible. Acting as marine biologists, children can explore the mystery of the underwater world. Through this course, they are able to create their own coral reefs and make a unique ocean in a jar using their creativity and innovation. Let’s embrace the beauty of the ocean and the creatures!

Example topics:

  • How do sharks float
  • Crystal growing coral reef
  • Ocean in a jar

(2) Dinosaur Park–History of earth

Besides the Little Marine Biologist course, we also offer the Dinosaur Park course. In this course, kids have the chance to travel back to the time of dinosaurs and become a palaeontologist. Since dinosaurs are extinct, many children are curious about this prehistoric creature. Let us explore the secrets about the disappearance of dinosaurs and fossils!

Example topics

  • Make dinosaur teeth ( herbivore/ carnivore)
  • Dig a dinosaur fossil
  • Volcanic eruption experiment

Course Details:

  • Age: 3-4
  • Number of Participants: 6 students max
  • Price:
    • (1)Little Marine Biologist: HK$1510/ From lesson 3-6
    • (2)Dinosaur Park: HK$2088/ From lesson 7-12
    • (1)+(2) Little Marine Biologist+Dinosaur Park: HK$3274/ From lesson 3-12
  • Format: Zoom Class
  • Language: English
  • Class Date & Time slot:
    • 10:00am / 15:30pm (Monday to Friday)
    • 10:00am / 11:00am (Every Saturday)
  • Starting Date:
    • (1)Little Marine Biologist:(Early Jan – Mid Feb)
      * Course starting from lesson 3 – 6
    • (2)Dinosaur Park: (Mid Feb – Late Mar)
      ** Course starting from lesson 7-12

  • Duration: 40 mins, one class per week, a total of 6 weeks
  • Material: Main material box will be posted

Example of household items:

  • Glue
  • Spoons
  • Bowls
  • Water
  • Table Cover

Course benefit:

  • General interest cultivation in STEAM
  • Develop creativity
  • Well-prepared for primary school
  • Hands-on experiments in every class
  • Certificate by STEM.ORG, the longest standing STEM accreditation research in US
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