High-power vocabulary learning with photographic memory technique

This course is designed for students who need to build their vocabulary bank quickly either for examination or for better academic results. Students can see the result of their efforts immediately after taking this course. Not only will they be able to memorize a large volume of vocabulary but also they will learn how to focus better while studying. With only 60 minutes of online self-learning, you can learn how to stay focus and memorise a large volume of vocabularies in a short period. The course also includes 2 hours of a live tutorial lesson on Zoom, to advance the learning and receive real-time feedback or answer from your tutor.

Course Details:

  • For who: Primary/Secondary school student
  • Course Format & Duration: Total 60 mins Recorded Video (Unlimited Access) + 2 hours live Zoom Tutorial
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Cost: HK$980
  • After-class Support: Lifelong Whatsapp chat room support with a tutor

**After completed the 60 minutes recorded videos, please contact us to arrange live Zoom Tutorial

Course Benefits:

Acquire a large number of vocabularies so you can master a language in no time

  • Improving learning concentration
  • Memorizing a large amount of vocabularies easily
  • Last-minute preparation for examination or interviews

Meet the Instructor:

  • Taught by a world-renowned grandmaster of memory
  • Winner of Australian Open Memory Championships
  • With years of memory training teaching experience
  • Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Memory Representing Team
  • Holder of multiple Hong Kong Memory records
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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons