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HKDSE English Course
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涵蓋所有HKDSE試卷一的試題模式,讓學生完全掌握答題技巧 (Key ideas, Rephrasing, Vocabulary builder, Reference, MC, Long Questions, Tone and Attitude, Metaphor, Logical Deduction, Making Summary )

分析寫作結構、形式及句子表達。額外文法練習令寫作更暢順。參考閱讀常見的題目及從不同形式及寫作手法中學習最理想的模範 (Top 15 figures of speech, Content, Language, Organization, Serious, Analytical, Tone, Formal Language and Idioms )

多方面提升聆聽能力 (Filling in Tables and Forms, Interpret Charts and Graphs, Processing information, Adapt information, Paraphrase)

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