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Young Pioneers of ESG (5 Sessions)
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Learning Objectives:

  • To train listening and analytical skills
  • To train students to think and solve problems from multiple perspectives
  • Training in logical thinking and the use of data to support arguments
  • For a more in-depth understanding of the 17 SDGs, specialised SDG courses are available in the future

Session 1

  • What is Environmental Protection? Introduction to Baguio
  • What types of recycling? Introduction to recyclables (paper, plastic, aluminium and glass)
  • Real-life recycling situation
  • Collect plastic bottles and glass bottles at home (try to recycle in person within 2 weeks with Love Recycling)

Session 2

  • Reviewing the experience of recycling in person (Love Recycling Service)
  • Discuss the basic needs for human survival
  • Understanding the concept of sustainable development
  • Sustainable lifestyles
  • Collect information and learn about the ecological footprint and carbon footprint (Brief report in the next class)

Session 3

  • Brief report
  • Ecological Footprint (Hong Kong has the 3rd highest ecological footprint in the Asia-Pacific region and the 14th highest in the world. It takes 4.4 Earth's worth of resources to satisfy the consumption habits of Hong Kong people)
  • Carbon footprint (it takes 34 mature trees 40 years to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by each person in a lifetime)
  • Hong Kong's biodiversity, threats
  • Nature and Physical and Mental Health

Session 4

  • Green Art Class
  • What students can do to protect the Earth (To-Do List) (Brief report in the next class)

Session 5

  • Brief report
  • What do you want the Earth to look like in 2030?
  • Introduce the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Group discussion (1-2 goals each)
  • Conclusion
Baguio iRecycle Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary under Baguio Green Group Limited (stock code 1397) (“hereinafter called Baguio Group”). Baguio Group is committed to creating and maintaining a “Clean & Green” environment for the society. Over the years, Baguio Group has developed into a group of well-established and socially responsible companies providing integrated environmental services, ranging from professional cleaning, integrated pest management, horticulture and landscaping to waste collection and recycling. We launched a mobile application “iRecycle” in April 2020. iRecycle is a reward platform that promotes easy recycling, and its purpose is to connect stakeholders, such as waste generators, collectors, recyclers and cooperative merchants together, to build a green circular economy.
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