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Power Study Camp - 親子‧英語‧科學一日體驗營 (1節)
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集學習、增值同玩樂於一身的太陽村莊體驗營,有高效學習軟件主辦人Paul Sir教你透過AI自學軟件「提高學習動機,奇蹟地學懂英語」,還有科學博士Dr. V與你動手學習現今流行熱話ESG!再到挪亞方舟一齊製作豆腐及享用午餐!

10:00 挪亞方舟正門集合(不包挪亞方舟門票及其他收費活動)
10:30 Dr.V 教你從非物質文化遺產「豆腐技藝」到認識「可持續發展理念」
12:30 挪亞方舟內豐盛閣餐廳午餐
14:00 太陽村莊内SOLAR ROOM / Paul Sir 講解透過AI自學軟件在日常生活中學習英文
16:00 步行前往參觀指定文化古蹟~田寮村芳園書室(逢星期二休館)
17:00 離開太陽村莊 / 乘坐旅遊巴士送返荃灣西港鐵站及後解散


PhD Scientists is an authentic STEAM-based science centre founded by a team of scientists passionate about education. The curriculum is written by a team of REAL scientists who are passionate about Science education. Our courses are not only exclusive to children who want to be scientists but also for everyone who is curious about life!
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