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Kids Massage for Stronger Child
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Practical course from the basic to advanced, fully understand the key elements of Paediatric Massage
17 videos help to improve children’s overall resistance and solve health problems as fast as 3 months

Course outline

1. Introduction- Pediatric Massage

  • Understanding Pediatric Massage
  • Features of Massage Therapy
  • Precautions for massage

2. Pediatric Massage- Techniques

  • Manipulation of massage
  • Introduction of common techniques: Pushing, kneading, pressing, abrading, pinching, rolling, wiping, rubbing

3. Pediatric Massage- Acupoint

  • Understand the diagnosis methods and how to operate it
  • Introduction of specific massage point / Introduction of a specific point of Pediatric Massage

4. Pediatric Massage-Disease Treatment (1)

  • Respiratory system (fever, cough, nasal allergy)
  • Digestive system (abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, malnutrition, indigestion, vomiting)
  • Skin immune system (rash)
  • Hyperactivity
  • Sleeping difficulty/ restless sleep
  • Stunting
Mr LIU Xiang was a government ERB registered Tuina (Chinese Massage Therapy) Tutor and has years of experience in teaching Tuina. The founder of Tui Zheng Tang is also a technical director and senior lecturer. He was once appointed as a lecturer and researcher at Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has extensive clinical and teaching experience. And it is famous for the unique technique created by integrating Chinese Tuina with Western anatomy. In 2004, he arrived in Hong Kong through the Excellent Talents Program and established Tui Zheng Tang. In addition to his daily work, he also serves as a lecturer to promote Tuina to the general public.
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