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Mom Aromatherapy Essential Oil Application Class
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Aromatherapy has been very popular in recent years, and there are countless essential oil products and books. As a mother, how should we select the right essential oil for our children? How should we use essential oils and maximize their effectiveness?

Classroom instructors will use an in-depth, yet shallow method to allow mothers to correctly understand the safety of aromatherapy and essential oils, so mothers can understand enough to be able to use them easily in everyday life, and to be able to use them on children. So that when children encounter different illnesses and symptoms, mothers will be able to use essential oils to help soothe their children.

Course Content

Unit 1

Knowledge of how to use essential oils safely and properly
How to relieve fevers, coughs and colds

Unit 2

How to soothe sensitive skin and eczema
How to soothe nasal and trachea sensitivity

Unit 3

How to improve children’s concentration
Mother feels relieved

**This Course included Aromatherapy balm and essential oil blending teaching sections**

Ms Annie Tsang 曾燕妮 是一位香薰治療師,致力在香港推廣香薰療法生活化,教導一眾有興趣的人士在日常生活中安全使用精油,用作個人保健、養生及自我情緒管理,近年更專注於小兒芳療推廣,讓照顧者在小孩簡單症狀上安全有效運用芳療保健及提升專注力。 個人資歷: 國際健康總聯合會香薰療法項目主席兼教育部長 英國IFA香薰治療師 Aroma Corner 創辦人 香港漢方芳療課程創辦人 中國芳療瑜珈創辦人 廣州玉梵瑜珈首席芳療顧問 基督教中國佈道會恩恩創意幼稚園校董
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