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Parent-Child Playgroup (4 / 8 Sessions)
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Category : EQ
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$120.00 - $1,920.00
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We provide toddlers with stimulating and exciting learning activities. As children become more curious about things around them, we provide them with delightful and fun ‘five senses activities’ to stimulate their motivation and interpersonal skills in preparation to apply for their preferred kindergarten.

Program features:

  • Art and Crafts
  • Letters and early maths
  • Fine motor and gross motor activities
  • Develop listening and speaking skills
Kiddy Garden 是一所英文幼兒教育發展中心,導師主要為海外畢業生,並擁有外國及香港教育經驗。我們相信由小培養,讓他們接觸良好教育,對小孩子發展必有幫助。我們的教學宗旨是將西方學習環境融入本中心,培養孩子們的英語學習興趣,同時亦為小孩子考上心儀幼稚園作好更全面準備。課程以輕鬆形式教學,提升小孩子在思考,語言及社交等多方面發展。

Playgroup證書導師/Messy Play證書導師/幼兒特殊學習需要(SEN)證書導師,曾在紐西蘭幼兒園任教。
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